14 October 2011

Black Death Is 'Grandmother' of All Modern Plagues

Black Death Is 'Grandmother' of All Modern Plagues
Fox News
The bacterium blamed for the Black Death that wiped out more than a third of Europe's population within about five years of the 14th century looks an awful lot like the modern versions of the plague-causing bug, new genetic research indicates. ...
Dennis Ritchie, father of Unix and C, dies
The C programming language rests in the hearts of programmers as the quintessential expression of coding elegance, power, simplicity and portability. Dennis Ritchie, creator of the C programming language and co-creator of the Unix operating system, ...
Fake Netflix Android App Steals Your Data
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius In recent months, Netflix has added streaming support for multiple Android-based devices, but the lag time between updates created an opening for scammers, who created a fake app intended to steal your personal information. ...
Foursquare Radar leverages Apple iOS 5 with new discovery features
Los Angeles Times
Foursquare on Wednesday introduced Radar, a new feature built into its iPhone app that will allow the New York company to introduce capabilities it had previously only dreamed of. Most notably, Radar will push Foursquare from not only being a check-in ...
EBay to add image recognition to mobile offerings
USA Today
By Rachel Metz, AP SAN FRANCISCO – EBay plans to add image-recognition technology to its mobile offerings, allowing shoppers to snap photos of items they covet — such as a cute dress a friend is wearing — that an eBay app will match up with similar ...
iOS 5 Tethered Jailbreak Already Possible on iPhone 4
The jailbreaking community has been able to immediately offer a jailbreak of iOS 5, thanks to the beta version available long before the official public release Wednesday. As always, jailbreaking comes with a number of caveats. ...

CBS News
Baker, a South American squirrel monkey, poses on a model of the Jupiter vehicle in this undated picture with an added gray background. (AP Photo) When Iran announced earlier this year that it was planning on shooting a monkey into space with one of ...
SOS Online Backup launches cloud backup for Facebook, devices
By Lucas Mearian Computerworld - SOS Online Backup today announced a cloud-based backup service for mobile devices, desktop systems -- and Facebook. The company said it expects to start backing up Twitter and Gmail data in December. ...
Warped Galaxies Reveal Signs of Universe's Hidden Dark Matter
by Clara Moskowitz, SPACE.com Senior Writer Warped visions of distant galaxy clusters are offering a reflection of the invisible matter inside them that astronomers are using to map the unseen side of the universe. Using the Hubble Space Telescope, ...
LightSquared, GPS Makers Squabble Over Fix as Carriers Wait
By Sandy Fitzgerald | Thu Oct 13, 2011 11:26 am LightSquared says it has a device to keep its signals from interrupting GPS networks, but the GPS makers may have to pay for the fix, a stance that may result in further delays for LightSquared's LTE ...
Himalayas and Antarctic could be best places for solar power
TG Daily
It's natural, perhaps, to associate solar power with the hot places of the world - but Japanese scientists say that areas such as the Himalayas and even the Antarctic could supply enough energy to become the 'Saudi Arabias of solar'. ...
Blackberry Outage? Japan Unruffled
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Yoree Koh For international business travelers to Japan, there's one question they can never really answer until their planes touches down: Will my BlackBerry work here? For most smartphone users here, however, it's business as usual. ...
Old Thunder Thighs: T. Rex's Weight Topped 9 Tons
Fox News
By Jeanna Bryner A head-on confrontation with this T. rex named SUE would not be pretty. Scientists aren't sure whether the specimen came from a male or female, though they named it after Sue Hendrickson who discovered it. The tyrannical lizard T. rex ...
Citrix acquires ShareFile for cloud-based file management
By Mikael Ricknäs | IDG News Service Citrix Systems has acquired ShareFile for an undisclosed sum, in an effort to break into the cloud-based data sharing market, the company said on Thursday. The fact that many users now have a multitude of different ...
Whale dies off Jupiter Island despite efforts to save it
Orlando Sentinel
By Will Greenlee, TCPalm.com A 9- to 10-foot-long whale that came ashore Wednesday morning on Jupiter Island died after numerous attempts to save it. Plans are to take the whale to Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in Fort Pierce for a necropsy, ...
Payday: The Heist Confirmed for PSN on October 18
After delaying its upcoming co-op shooter earlier this month, Sony has confirmed a new release date for the PS3 version. by Pete Davison Earlier this month, Payday: The Heist was delayed for some wiffly-waffly reason about "ensuring players and fans of ...
Siri Is Stuffed With Hilarious Easter Eggs
Wired News
By Charlie Sorrel Oh man! Not only is Siri shaping up to actually be as good as its hype, but it turns out the Apple and Siri engineers have tucked some excellent easter eggs inside. Enough of them that someone has already started a Tumblr to catalog ...
NASA to Launch Earth-Observing Satellite
NASA announced it is planning to launch the very first Earth-observing satellite on Oct. 27. The ultimate goal for the satellite entitled The National Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System Preparatory Project (NPP) will be to ...
Verizon makes changes to its privacy policy
For Verizon customers: just in case you haven't noticed or haven't bothered to pay attention, the carrier has recently made a significant change to its privacy policy for mobile users this week. Its privacy policy now mentions that in order to help out ...
News bites: Officials in Perry's administration edited climate report
The Hill (blog)
By Andrew Restuccia - 10/13/11 09:06 AM ET Top officials at Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Texas Commission on Environmental Quality edited a report on Galveston Bay to remove references to human-caused climate change, Mother Jones reports. ...
Leila Khalil: How Technology Has Revolutionized The Big Day (And ...
By Leila Khalil
Over the years, the way a bride accomplishes all of her tasks has evolved, and today she has unlimited access to ideas and resources thanks to new technology platforms that are making weddings easier to plan.
The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com
High hopes for the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope | Watts ...
By Anthony Watts
That will change if the US National Solar Observatory (NSO) proceeds with its latest project — the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope (ATST), a Sun-gazing behemoth due to be built on the summit of Haleakala, the highest peak on the ...
Watts Up With That?
Deconstructing “What Works” in Education Technology | MindShift
By Audrey Watters
The first story in the series questioned the massive expenditures schools make on educationtechnology, pointing to stagnant test scores as an indication that these investments might not be worth it. Last weekend's story extends that skeptical ...
DepositGuard creates payment technology platform for vacation ...
By Dennis Schaal
TLabs Showcase on travel startups featuring US-based DepositGuard, a payment system for the vacation rental sector.
Mayor Bloomberg Announces New Advisory Council on Technology ...
By João-Pierre S. Ruth
Tuesday night's NY Tech Meetup took on a new spin when a special guest took the stage. Though it was interesting to spot David Tisch of TechStars in the.
Democratizing Information Through Technology — My Permanent ...
By Geoff Fox
This afternoon (while taking my shower) I was listening to an NPR program discussing fall foliage. Some of what I heard was unexpected. Is it possible some of what I've always taken as carved-in-stone truth isn't quite? Maybe the time of leaf ...
My Permanent Record
Enterprise Primary wins computer at technology fair - Stabroek ...
By Stabroek staff
Enterprise Primary wins computer at technology fair.
Stabroek News
Innovation Excellence | Supreme Court of Technology
By Mike Shipulski
Technology is the underpinning of a sustainable economy, an economy where citizens are well-educated, healthy, and happy, and where infrastructure is safe and supports the citizens' needs. For countries that have it, technology generates ...
Innovation Excellence
How I use technology in my PhD « The Thesis Whisperer
By ingermewburn
I am lucky enough to have a forward thinking advisor (Dr. John Breslin) who is on the cutting edge of technology. Since I already had a laptop when I started my PhD, he allowed me to use the funds that would have paid for a laptop for an iPad. ...
The Thesis Whisperer
'Car-to-X' technology could prevent accidents, traffic snarls | Energy
By Greenbang
Researchers working on smart-car technology say they recently achieved a breakthrough involving the wireless exchange of information not only from vehicle to vehicle, but from vehicle to traffic infrastructure and back. The development could ...
Maryland Industrial Partnerships Program Awards Technology ...
By admin
MIPS, an initiative of the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute at the University of Maryland, provides grants for commercially promising technology product development projects that partner Maryland companies with researchers in ...
breast cancer awareness
Neiman Marcus Eyeing Stores in China, Credit Cards, Technology
By Christine Perez
Many of the initiatives are built around technology—leveraging it to enhance customer service and grow e-commerce sales, which Hall says the company expects to double in the next five years. Neiman Marcus' sales for fiscal 2011 were $4 ...
Real Points
K-12 Education Technology Market Map launches at Philanthropy ...
By Michael B. Horn
Innosight Institute joined the NewSchools Venture Fund and Education Elements in releasing a K-12 education technology market map at The Philanthropy Roundtable's K-12 Education conference in San Francisco October 12, 2011. Created ...
Education Next
Celebrate Women In Technology Through Lovelace & Babbage ...
By Jennifer Allen
As a female technology buff I feel especially bad that I didn't realise it was Ada Lovelace Day on 7th October, a day that aims to raise the profile of women in science, technology, engineering and maths. Ada Lovelace is widely regarded as the ...
148Apps - iPhone App Reviews,...
Honeywell's UOP Selected to Provide Propylene and Isobutane ...
By susan.gross
Yantai Wanhua will use Honeywell's UOP process technology, catalysts and adsorbents to produce propylene, a building block for films and packaging, and isobutane, a raw material used in the polyurethane production process, at its facility ...
Honeywell UOP
GPS: A Versatile Technology | Rocky Mountain Tracking
How is GPS technology versatile? Our writer counts the ways.
Rocky Mountain Tracking
Metro and BEST transport technology: Mumbai plans to commute ...
Metro nears reality, Meru cabs hit the road again, transport technology is soon to arrive -- Will Mumbaikars be able to comfortably commute now?
Using Technology To Secure Your Data: Online Backup and More ...
By Allison Midori Reilly
Over 40 percent of small businesses experience data loss at some point in time. Over 30 percent of those businesses never get that data back. Why put your.
Small Business Technology
Saratoga Technology + Energy Park (STEP)
A knowledge community for clean energy businesses, STEP is a critical catalyst in helping to develop Tech Valley's potential as a force in the clean energy ...

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