23 August 2011

Turning TouchPads Into Android Tablets

TouchDroid Will Turn TouchPads Into Android Tablets
By Nancy Gohring, IDG News The lucky people who managed to buy a US$99 TouchPad before they sold out just got luckier: A group of developers is working on a way to load Android onto the tablets. Hewlett-Packard said last week it would stop making the ...
Android Outpaces iPhone In 2011 US Smartphone Sales
by Frank Cifaldi [Smartphone/Tablet, Business] Google's Android operating system continues to lead US smartphone sales and has increased its market share in recent months, according to research. Market research firm The NPD Group has revealed that 52 ...
HP Pre 3 won't be sold in US, is down to $75 in Europe
Los Angeles Times
Hewlett-Packard's decision to get out of the WebOS hardware business has meant $99 TouchPad tablets in the US, and now officially it also means no Pre 3 smartphones for America. The Pre 3 phone launched in Europe one day before HP announced that it was...
Lager Beer's Mother Yeast Traveled 7000 Miles From Patagonia: Study
International Business Times
The birth mystery of lager beer may be solved as scientists discovered the yeast's genomic foundation that makes cold-brewing ale possible. The parent yeast of lager is believed to have journeyed from Patagonia to Bavaria, giving birth to the most ...
Killed HP TouchPad: From High-Flying Launch to Low-Brow Liquidation
InformationWeek (blog)
Here is BYTE's coverage on the short, sad life of the now-dead HP TouchPad. This BYTE all-coverage page is a growing index for you to check as we update links from all over BYTE on this developing story. So far this all-coverage page includes stories ...
Apple rumor mill predicts 'all new Mac'
Apple is planning to release an entirely new Mac by the end of this year, according to a Japanese news 'n' rumor website. Such is the power of Apple's cult of secrecy that even the flimsiest rumor from a web source with a hit-or-miss record can excite ...
Amazon, Dropbox, Google and You Win in Cloud-Music Copyright Decision
Wired News
By Ryan Singel The disk drives powering Dropbox, Amazon's Cloud Drive, and Google Music likely issued a small sigh of relief Monday, after a federal court judge found that the MP3tunes cloud music service didn't violate copyright laws when it used only ...
BART prepares for another evening protest in SF
San Francisco Chronicle
(08-22) 17:08 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- BART is preparing for another evening of disruptive protests in downtown San Francisco, warning commuters it might have to close stations temporarily and alter service. Monday's threatened rush-hour protest is the...
Space telescope price tops $8bn
BBC News
By Jonathan Amos BBC science correspondent Nasa says it will now cost $8.7bn to launch the James Webb Space Telescope in 2018 and operate it for five years. The assessment - some $2bn higher than previous estimates - has emerged from documents sent to ...
Ford, Toyota to work together on hybrid trucks
Washington Examiner
DEARBORN, Mich. -- A chance meeting in an airport lobby between the top executives of Ford Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. has evolved into a deal between the auto giants to jointly develop a gas-electric hybrid engine for pickup trucks and sport ...
Facebook Reinstates Activists' Accounts After Spam Filter Glitch
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Facebook has reinstated the posting rights of several activists after the company's spam filter incorrectly blocked their access to the site. The affected users received an apology email from Facebook, which denied that the ...
Study shows the iPhone 3GS is the 2nd most popular phone on the market
Even though it is over two years old the iPhone 3GS is the second most popular phone on the market, second only to the iPhone 4. Even though Android is the most popular Smartphone platform the iPhone 4 is the best-selling phone. ...
Universe runs out of gas, fewer stars born
CANBERRA, Australia, Aug. 22 (UPI) -- Fewer stars are forming in the universe as time goes by, and Australian astronomers say it's because galaxies are running out of gas -- hydrogen gas. Astronomer at Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial ...
HP Remains Committed to Business PC Users.
X-bit Labs
by Anton Shilov While Hewlett-Packard officially plans to get rid of its personal computer selling, its business PC chief clearly tells that the company remains committed to appropriate operations. HP urges its customers to keep acquiring its ...
Higgs boson is running out of places to hide
New Scientist
The elusive Higgs boson, thought to give all other particles mass, is running out of places to hide. A new deluge of data from the Large Hadron Collider's twin particle detectors has ruled out a wide range of possible masses for the theoretical ...
Google Street View Coming to Israel
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Israeli officials this week approved Google's request to operate its Street View cars in the country. The Israeli Law Information and Technology Authority (ILITA) did not provide details on where Google's Street View cars will be ...
LIBYA: Google maps turns Green Square into Martyrs' Square
Los Angeles Times
After Libyan rebels took over Tripoli's Green Square late Sunday night, they renamed it Martyrs' Square, as it was known before Moammar Kadafi rose to power nearly 42 years ago. Contributors to Google's map of Tripoli have already renamed the square. ...
NASA's humanoid robot wakes up and starts Tweeting
It's about time. After months of being boxed up in a crate, and five more months of sitting around after an awesome unboxing, NASA's Robonaut 2 helper droid has finally been powered up. Robonaut 2, which also goes by "R2" or "the automaton astronaut," ...
Google Wants Hulu, But Is Yahoo the Frontrunner?
PC Magazine
By Leslie Horn Last week Google unexpectedly announced that it would buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. Despite this huge acquisition, Google is still in the running to buy Hulu, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Journal said bids on Hulu ...
Sony's Walkman Phone Looks Hot, But Isn't so Beautiful on the Inside
Sony Ericsson -- a 50-50 mobile devices venture between Sweden's Ericsson AB (privately held) and Japan's Sony Corp. (TYO:6758) -- appears to be finally getting serious about the US smartphone market. In May it released the long-rumored "PlayStation ...
Microsoft Demos Xbox/Windows Phone Link With Giant Cats
Washington Post
By TechCrunch.com, Microsoft's been touting Windows Phone 7′s Xbox Live functionality since day one, but it's always felt just a little lacking. You can look at your cute little avatar and play games that bump up your gamerscore, but where's the ...
S&P Backtracks on Google Downgrade
ABC News
A week after downgrading Google Inc.'s stock, Standard and Poor's has reversed course and has upgraded it, saying the Internet search leader's shares have fallen so much they've now become a good deal. Analyst Scott Kessler wrote in a research note ...
Verizon Wireless Expanding LTE 4G Service Sept. 15
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Verizon Wireless said Monday that it will expand its 4G LTE service to more than two dozen additional cities on September 15, including the San Francisco Bay Area. The company's service is already available in 117 cities, ...
Ford partners with Toyota to share technology, create new hybrid ...
By Tim Stevens
Ford of course knows a lot about trucks, and Toyota has a couple decades of hybrid knowledge in its back pocket. So, if you were.
Apple Reportedly Still Uninterested in OLED Technology for iOS ...
By Eric Slivka
One of the most popular long-standing rumors regarding Apple's future product plans has centered around television sets. Several analysts have...
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...
Boeing demonstrates swarm technology
Boeing has demonstrated swarm technology for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that is similar to the way insects communicate and work together as a...
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Shock technology shift at huge California solar plant | SmartPlanet
By Mark Halper
Photovoltaics boot out solar thermal power at the 1GW Blythe project in California. German backer cites plunge in PV panel prices as the reason.
Intelligent Energy | SmartPlanet
Federal push for cloud technology faces skepticism | The Daily Caller
By Tina Nguyen
Vivek Kundra, the former White House chief information officer, pursued cloud computing services. Some agencies were wary.
The Daily Caller
Does Technology Serve Human Purposes? @PSFK
A conversation between authors Henry Jenkins and Sherry Turkle of MIT demonstrates that there are different viewpoints on how we can better learn to live with technology, and have that technology serve (and not disrupt) us.
How rolling shutter technology can warp your photos | Gadling.com
By Grant Martin
There's an interesting discussion going on over at Reddit about the concept of rolling shutter photos, and how the technology can limit image acquis.
Google Date Keeper, Add Date Filter To ... - gHacks Technology News
By Martin Brinkmann
Sometimes when I search on Google, I would like to filter the results by date. This is often the case when I'm looking for a troubleshooting solution for.
gHacks Technology News | Latest...
What Makes Educational Technology Successful in the Developing ...
By David Risher
What makes some technology so compelling and transformational that it thrives in a school setting and others languish? We've all heard stories of computers gathering dust in storage rooms while students and teachers everywhere have taken ...
NASA Launches Programs For Kids - NY1.com
NASA Launches Programs For Kids | The Tech Beat on NY1 News, Time Warner Cable's 24-hour newschannel, covers personal technology in New York City.
How Students Use Technology [INFOGRAPHIC]
This infographic sums up the research thus far on how students are using technology.
Technology - Breaking News - Read Online or Subscribe
Technology news - breaking news direct from organisations - read online or subscribe to feed or by email.
13-Year-Old Designs Super-Efficient Solar Array Based on the ...
Keep up the good work, it's because of people like you our technology keeps getting better. And what better way to improve our tech then to emulate nature. ...
HP TouchPad sale will cost it millions | Technology | guardian.co.uk
Prices slashed on tablet that was discontinued after being on sale for just 48 days . By Charles Arthur.
Crazy: 90 Percent of People Don't Know How to Use CTRL+F ...
Google's resident search anthropologist, Dan Russell, dropped this incredible statistic on us. And no, he couldn't believe it either.
BBC News - IBM produces first 'brain chips'
IBM has developed a microprocessor which it claims comes closer than ever to replicating the human brain.

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