06 August 2011

Technology Enabling SMBs to Become More Mobile and Competitive ...

Technology Enabling SMBs to Become More Mobile and Competitive ...

By Allison Midori Reilly
Small and medium-sized businesses intend to expand their use of technology to improve customer interactions, mobility options and operational.
Small Business Technology

How Google can do more than beef about patents
Google kicked up a dust storm this week, publicly whining about Microsoft, Apple, and others ganging up against it to pursue patent violations by its Android mobile operating system. It's hard to be too sympathetic to Google. ...
Researchers show power of Facebook facial-recognition software
Los Angeles Times
Facebook has come under a lot of heat for its facial-recognition software, in which the social networking site has been automatically enrolling its more than 750 million users. But Facebook has made it clear that the software, which automatically tags ..
Samsung Conquer 4G headed to Sprint on Aug. 21 at $99.99
Los Angeles Times
Sprint is launching another $99.99 smartphone to sit alongside the Nexus S in its portfolio -- the Samsung Conquer 4G. The new Samsung phone hits Sprint stores on Aug. 21 and will sell at the 1-cent-less than $100 price point as long as a 2-year 4G ...
OS updates
Verizon Wireless announced today that a new software update is available for its Motorola Xoom tablet. The biggest wins from the HTJ85 update are microSD card support and a screen scaling compatibility mode, but users should appreciate the smaller ...
Did AOL just out-Flipboard Flipboard?
The company's new news app aggregates content based on your interests, reading habits and your friends -- and it takes the digital magazine concept to the extreme. By JP Mangalindan, writer-reporter Every issue of Editions takes a top news story and ...
Human takes wheel of self-driving Google car, rear-ends another Prius
San Jose Mercury News
By Diana Samuels The auto blog Jalopnik posted pictures Friday showing a Google "self-driving" Prius -- you can tell by the silver, futuristic equipment mounted on its roof -- that apparently had just rear-ended another Prius. ...
Amazon Web Services Enables Private Cloud Connections
AWS uses Equinix data centers as a private networking hub linked to EC2, giving businesses a secure way to connect to the cloud service. By Charles Babcock InformationWeek Customers who want to do cloud computing in a more secure way got a guarded ...
Why ISPs are hijacking your search traffic & how they profit from it
A handful of ISPs in the US are redirecting search traffic around specific keywords to brands' websites, presumably for affiliate marketing revenue. A study released today by a UC Berkeley research group revealed that for some Internet users on some ...
Square Mobile Credit Card Reader Apps Makes a Great Simple Money Launderer
Popular Science
By Rebecca Boyle Posted 08.05.2011 at 5:19 pm 0 Comments A simple tool that can turn any iPhone into a credit card machine can also be a simple way for crooks to steal cash, hackers demonstrated this week. Square can eliminate the hassle of money ...
Boeing announces plans to send its own astronauts into space
Almost exactly a year ago, Boeing gave the world a glimpse of its Crew Space Transportation vehicle, the CST-100. At the time, it was unclear whether or not the company was looking to augment NASA's efforts with a new craft, or pursue designs of its ...
Capt. Morgan's Pirate Ship Found, Archaeologists Say
Fox News
A team of US archaeologists study the wreckage of a ship they believe to be part of pirate captain Henry Morgan's lost vessel. The dive team discovered approximately 52x22 feet of the starboard side of a 17th century wooden ship hull and a series of .
NVIDIA drivers giving 2010 MacBook Pro owners Lion upgrade headaches
Ars Technica
By Chris Foresman | Published August 5, 2011 2:27 PM Users of last year's MacBook Pro models with NVIDIA GPUs are finding the upgrade to Lion to be far less than perfect. Problems in the NVIDIA graphics drivers that shipped with OS X 10.7 appear to be ...
Google takes Gmail voice calling global, lowers rates
Google is extending voice calling within Gmail to 38 languages and 150 destinations...and lowers rates for international calling. Almost a year ago Google embedded Google Voice VoIP-based voice calling into its popular free Gmail offering for users in ...
Social Networks Can't Replace Socializing
Wall Street Journal
By JONAH LEHRER Google+, the new social network from the search giant, is only a month old, but it's already been declared a big success. So far there have been more than 20 million unique visitors, sharing nearly one billion items every day. ..
The Week's Best Android Apps
TouchRetouch Free: A dead simple (and free!) photo editor. You can easily "photoshop" flaws in your photo out of the picture. It's the quickest way to touch up photos, just mark the things you want out with your finger (with a brush or lasso tool) and ...
Facebook Says it Found Fraud 'Smoking Gun'
By Bob Van Voris - Fri Aug 05 20:42:26 GMT 2011 Facebook Inc. said its inspection of computers turned over by Paul Ceglia, the western New York man who claims he's entitled to half of Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg's holdings in the ...
A $16 iPhone game that's worth it: Final Fantasy Tactics
Ars Technica
By Andrew Webster | Published August 5, 2011 1:31 PM The iPhone version of Final Fantasy Tactics is a port of a port, an enhanced remake of a game that was originally released more than a decade ago. It's a game that costs $16—roughly 16 times the ...
HTC Buys Cloud Sync Developer Dashwire
PC Magazine
By Mark Hachman HTC said Friday that the company has acquired Dashwire, a Seattle firm that specializes in cloud services to synchronize smartphones. HTC will utilize Dashwire's cloud sync and device set up products to extend the HTCSense.com cloud ...
Gmail Gets A Preview Pane (Hooray!), Needs Work (Aww)
Washington Post
By TechCrunch.com, Yes, you read the headline right, and the screenshots below weren't doctored in any way. The Gmail feature you've been yearning for is here: Gmail now supports three-pane viewing, allowing you to see both your message list and an ...
Apple Disabling Non-Developer iOS 5 Beta Devices?
It's being alleged today that Apple may be disabling devices that are running iOS 5 betas that have been acquired through unauthorized means. iOS 5 beta is meant for Apple's registered developers, but since those developers get UDID identifications for ...
Apple wins restraining order against NY stores for trademark infringement
By Gregg Keizer Computerworld - A federal judge yesterday granted Apple's request for a preliminary injunction and issued a temporary restraining against several retailers for infringing Apple's trademark, according to court documents. ...
Is a Glmps a short video or a long photo?
This is not the first time that a company has tried to bring "video snapshots" to the Web. Just a few examples: There was 12Seconds, which is gone. Flickr added support for short videos in 2008. Then there's SocialCam, my pick for saving and uploading ...
Ecofys Study Discovers Biomass Conversion to Yield Negative Greenhouse Gas Balance
By Cameron Chai A recent study performed by Ecofys, an international energy consultancy firm indicates that mixing of biomass with carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) could result in high annual savings of around 10 GT of carbon dioxide discharges ...
Top iPad Game Apps: Cut the Rope: Experiments Leads in Debut Week
by Danny Cowan [Smartphone/Tablet, Business] [In this weekly column, Gamasutra rounds up the most popular paid and free iPad gaming applications on the App Store as of today, with Cut the Rope: Experiments, Infinity Blade and Underground Basketball ...
Skyrim Presentation Sends Woman Into Labor, So She Stuck Around Until it Was Over
By Chris Pereira, 08/05/2011 All sorts of crazy things can happen at QuakeCon, but going into labor probably isn't especially high on most attendees' to-do lists. Nevertheless, that's exactly what happened to one couple attending the show after getting ...

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