26 August 2011

HP's strategic shift has left it cheaper than other any technology company

HP Breakup Looming With Cheapest Technology Valuation: Real M&A ...
Discontent over Hewlett-Packard Co.'s strategic shift has left it cheaper than any technology company in the world, turning the largest computer maker into ...
Man uses a bird house to trick speeders into slowing down ...
Read 'Man uses a bird house to trick speeders into slowing down' from our blogTechnology News Blog on Yahoo! News. As any driver can tell you, cresting a ...
HP Pre3 phone in £250 price cut - Telegraph
Discontinued WebOS mobile phone from HP will retail for around £49 as the manufacturer bids to clear stock.
BBC News - Apple's iPhone gets Japanese earthquake alert
Japanese iPhone users will get the option to receive earthquake alerts under the next version of Apple's iOS operating system.

What could Apple look like three years from now?
Editor's note: This story was co-written by CNET staffers Donald Bell, Greg Sandoval, Josh Lowensohn, Kent German, and Scott Stein. Most Apple watchers figure very little will change at Steve Jobs' company over the next few years. ...
Scientists Discover 'Diamond Planet' Orbiting Pulsar
PC Magazine
By Mark Hachman A so-called "diamond planet" has been discovered by an international research team, orbiting a pulsar about 4000 light-years away. The small planet, orbiting the pulsar PSR J1719-1438, is believed to be denser than platinum, ...
RIM announces BBM Music service, new versions of BlackBerry Curve
Los Angeles Times
Research In Motion has announced BBM Music, a new music sharing service integrated with BlackBerry Messenger. BBM Music "lets you discover the tunes your friends are listening to -- and lets them enjoy your songs, too," RIM said on its website, ...
Asteroid Dust Confirms Meteorite Origins
New York Times
The Hayabusa capsule, a spacecraft launched by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency in 2003, landed in South Australia. By SINDYA N. BHANOO Last year, a Japanese spacecraft brought asteroid dust back to Earth for the first time, and now researchers ...
Facebook Served a Trillion Pageviews in June, Google Says
PC Magazine
By Mark Hachman Facebook served a trillion pageviews during the month of June, according to Google, which released data yesterday apparently confirming Facebook's reach. Google's DoubleClick Ad Planner lists Facebook.com as serving 1 trillion page ...
Humans got immunity boost from Neanderthals, study finds
Los Angeles Times
Neanderthals, as well as hominids known as Denisovans, contributed key types of immune genes still found in human populations, scientists say. A reconstructed Neanderthal skeleton, right, and a modern human version of a skeleton, left. ...
Microsoft Makes File Management Less Painful in Windows 8
Windows team manager Alex Simons gives the public a taste of file management in Windows 8. (Source: MSDN/Microsoft) The new client consolidates your mess of Windows into a single neat GUI pane. (Source: MSDN/Microsoft) You can now get details galore on ...
LG, GM to Team on Electric Cars
Wall Street Journal
By SHARON TERLEP General Motors Co. and South Korea's LG Corp. will jointly develop a new lineup of battery-powered vehicles in an unusual pairing aimed at slashing the cost and time it takes to create electric cars. The deal is a first-of-its-kind ...
Astronomers report seeing supermassive black hole swallowing star
Los Angeles Times
The unprecedented sight was revealed in bursts of radiation from a constellation 4.5 billion light-years away, scientists say in the journal Nature. An artist's rendering of a burst of radiation released as a supermassive black hole consumes a star. ...
This HP TouchPad Came With Android Already Installed
Tom's Guide
When the TouchPad fire sale kicked off last weekend, it seemed a lot of people were buying the TouchPad with the hope that someone would figure out a way to get Android to run on the device. The folks over on XDA Developers are working hard to port ...
Tweaking The Algorithm: Google Gives A Small Peek Behind The Curtains
Jason Kincaid currently works as a writer at TechCrunch. He grew up in Danville, California and later relocated to UCLA in Los Angeles, California, where he studied biology with a minor in 'Society and Genetics'. ...
Facebook Sets Sept. 22 for f8 Developer Conference
Wall Street Journal (blog)
By Geoffrey A. Fowler Facebook on Thursday announced the date for its much anticipated developer conference, known as f8. The conference, which will be held on Sept. 22 at the San Francisco Design Center, will serve as one of the largest stages yet for ...
Beyond the iPad: What's Next for Apple
Wired News
By Christina Bonnington Apple could turn the television industry topsy-turvy with a new Apple TV. Photo: Jon Snyder/Wired.com Much has been said about the amazing contributions Steve Jobs has made to the technology world as Apple's leader. ...
Phones Target Emerging Markets
NewsFactor Network
By Mark Long New low-cost Nokia phones are aimed at consumers in emerging markets. The Nokia 100 and Nokia 101 are based on the Series 30 OS and feature games and an FM radio for $30 and $35. For $5 more, the Nokia handsets add an MP3 player and ...
BlackBerry Bold 9900 (T-Mobile)
The good: The RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900 has a very polished design, with a svelte form factor, a sharp touch-screen display, and a wonderful QWERTY keyboard. Notable features include a 1.2GHz processor, the new BlackBerry OS 7, 720p HD video recording, ...
Long river believed found flowing deep under Amazon River
USA Today
By Michael Winter, USA TODAY Based on temperature variations at 241 inactive oil wells, researchers identified water movement more than two miles deep and running nearly the length of the world's second longest river, said Valiya Hamza of Brazil's ...
Verizon targets hybrid cloud security with CloudSwitch acquisition
Verizon Communications Inc. announced Thursday that it acquired CloudSwitch Inc., a supplier of software designed to make it easier for companies to move their applications securely to the cloud. New York-based Verizon said it will combine privately ...
Merriam-Webster dictionary adds "tweet," "bromance"
By Molly O'Toole WASHINGTON Aug 25 (Reuters) - Crowdsourcing tweeters bonding in bromance and tracking cougars earned an official place in the English lexicon on Thursday when Merriam-Webster announced the addition of 150 words to its 2011 ...
Is Facebook Taking Aim At Instagram?
Facebook just might be suffering a case of usability envy — at least that's what some technology pundits are saying. Much more likely is a case of user-base envy. Instagram, Kevin Systrom's iPhone-based photo-sharing application, already has seven ...
What Steve Jobs means to me: absolutely nothing
ZDNet (blog)
By Ricardo Bilton | August 25, 2011, 1:55pm PDT Summary: Neither dead nor God, Steve Jobs' has been praised to unprecedented lengths in the past 24 hours. Is the praise always on the mark or does it go too far? Steve Jobs is not dead. Nor is he Jesus. ...
WikiLeaks publishes tens of thousands more cables
By Mark Hosenball WASHINGTON, Aug 25 (Reuters) - The WikiLeaks organization said on Thursday it was releasing tens of thousands of previously unpublished US diplomatic cables, some of which are still classified. "We will have released over 100000 US ...
Read and Interact with Behind the Steel Curtain on your iPhone
NFL News
The SB Nation iPhone app is now available in the App Store! And it's Free! Now you can stay on top of all the latest news and commentary for Behind the Steel Curtain and all 300+ SB Nation blogs from your iPhone. With the SB Nation iPhone app you can: ...
Walmart to cut $50 off Xbox 360, Microsoft says it's not permanent
By Matthew DeCarlo Like a scripted play, rumors have begun circulating that Microsoft is preparing to reduce the price of its Xbox 360 consoles to better compete with Sony's PlayStation 3 leading into the holiday season. Sony instituted its price cuts ...
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Technology - NY1.com
New York's Silicon Alley Lives On At "NY Tech Meetup" | The Tech Beat on NY1 News, Time Warner Cable's 24-hour newschannel, covers personal technology in ...
Technology Devices Either Sell Big or Die Fast - NYTimes.com
These days, large technology companies — particularly those in the hypercompetitive smartphone and tablet industries — are cutting their losses with ...
What Your Old Graphing Calculator Says About Technology - Alexis ...
Things haven't changed much in the graphing calculator world since you purchased that TI-83 back in the late '90s, but that's actually OK.
HP TouchPad sale will cost it millions | Technology | guardian.co.uk
Prices slashed on tablet that was discontinued after being on sale for just 48 days. By Charles Arthur.

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