07 August 2011

Google+ Opens the Invite Flood Gates

Google+ Opens the Invite Flood Gates
If you were already on Google+ and wanted to invite friends and family, the invite system was limited. Yesterday, Google quietly started rolling out more invitations, with a twist. When I checked my Google+ stream yesterday, I noticed that I had 150 ...
Robots Drive Safer Than Humans, Google Keeps Perfect Driving Record
International Business Times
Google has been involved in a car accident with another vehicle while operating its automated robot car. The Google Prius was reported to have rear ended several cars including another Toyota Prius. The tech giant claims that the accident occurred ...
Hacker drone launches airborne cyber attacks
LAS VEGAS — Computer security specialists showed off a homemade drone aircraft Friday capable of launching airborne cyber attacks, hijacking mobile phone calls, or even delivering a dirty bomb. Rich Perkins and Mike Tassey built the bright yellow ...
Solar Storm Watch: Could this be Armageddon?
International Business Times
Solar storms are brewing some 93 million miles away, according to National Geographic, and if one of them hits Earth, it has the potential to bring serious electrical an communication failures. The US government is warning users of satellite, ...
Researchers Demo Square Security Flaw
eSecurity Planet
By eSecurityPlanet Staff At the Black Hat conference this week, Adam Laurie and Zac Franken of Aperture Labs demonstrated a way of transferring money from a stolen card using the Square card-reading dongle -- without having to swipe a card. ...
WhiteHat Security hacks into Chrome OS, exposes extension vulnerability at ...
By Amar Toor posted Aug 6th 2011 5:07PM It's been a rough Black Hat conference for Google. First, FusionX used the company's homepage to pry into a host of SCADA systems, and now, a pair of experts have discovered a way to hack into Chrome OS. ...
Gmail voice calling expanded, Google sprinkles lower rates
Skype, the company that will soon to be acquired by Microsoft, is obviously the service that should worry if Google will continue its VoIP service aggressiveness, and will continue to make international calls from internet to landlines and mobile less ...
Why Apple fears Samsung: Part 1 - Samsung Galaxy S II
Australian Personal Computer
Apple is resorting to the courts in the US and Australia to get injunctions against Samsung products. So what is it about the Galaxy S II smartphone that has Apple running scared? The Samsung Galaxy II S is Apple's worst nightmare: a super-hero ...
Apple top smartphone seller, Samsung gaining
By Erica Ogg at GigaOm A few weeks back Apple told us they sold 20.34 million iPhones during the second quarter. Now IDC says that Apple's deluge of smartphone sales confirms it as the No. 1 seller of smartphones in the world. But the quarterly report, ...
FBI Rolls Out Child ID iPhone App
Top Tech Reviews
The FBI launched a child safety app for the iPhone that would let the parents create a file for their children. This file can easily be accessed to provide important information if ever they go missing. When children disappear, the authorities need 
Mapping the Android vs. iOS Civil War
PC Magazine
By David Murphy More than 83 million users of Jumptap's mobile advertising platform have weighed in, and what appears to be a small civil war has broken out between users of smartphones running Google's Android operating system versus Apple's iOS. ...
The Best iPhone Apps Of The Week, July 31 - August 6, 2011
Cut the Rope: Experiments by ZeptoLab UK Limited is finally here, fellow Nommers! The rope-cutting, candy-chomping game that you have all come to love — with the same cute Om Nom — has a new twist. A mad scientist has apparently gotten a hold of Om Nom ...
Facebook photos can help you recognise strangers
Times of India
MOSCOW: Facebook's photo database could be used in a mobile application designed to recognize people on the streets, the Cnet website reported . During the Black Hat computer security conference held Aug 3-4 in Las Vegas, one of the speakers, ...
'Shady RAT' Hacking Claims Overblown, Security Firms Say
By Gregg Keizer, Computerworld Two security companies are questioning claims that a cyber espionage campaign uncovered by a rival firm was sophisticated or even extraordinary. On Tuesday, antivirus vendor McAfee described a five-year hacker operation ...
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet - review
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet from Fuelcell Games is the newest game for the Xbox Live Arcade. It's a side-scrolling, exploration game that is reminiscent of Metroid. Although the gameplay may feel like Metroid, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (ITSP) ...
Wikipedia Aims for More Contributors
By David Daw, PCWorld Aug 6, 2011 7:17 AM Online encyclopedia Wikipedia isn't in danger of dying, but an extra dose of contributors would give it a much-needed shot in the arm. At Wikipedia's annual conference this week, founder Jimmy Wales warned that ...
New Gmail Preview Pane layout inspired by tablets
Hindustan Times
Apple is not the only one taking design inspiration from its hugely popular iPad user interface to create better web-based products. Google is giving tablet user interface design a nod, too, with a new tablet-like email Preview Pane feature. ability to ...
Skype for iPad launch puts video calls on the large screen
Hindustan Times
VoIP service Skype has finally launched its iPad-optimized tablet app in the Apple App Store. "Skype for iPad gives Skype users the best of both worlds for video calling: the large screen and display of a personal computer, but the portability of a ...
HTC buys Dashwire for cloud and patents
Rethink Wireless
By CAROLINE GABRIEL The most fashionable way to differentiate a smartphone or tablet these days is to integrate it with a cloud content platform, supposedly achieving Apple-like end-to-end experience, but via the web. Huawei placed that strategy at the ...
Jeff Jarvis: A Jobless Future -- Where Technology Leads to ...
By Jeff Jarvis
Our leaders keep trying to resuscitate old markets and old ways. The question is, what should government be doing -- where it should be investing -- to improve our lot in the future.
The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com
Intel's $50 Million investment over Technology and Chinese Firms ...
By Cynthia James
Recently, Intel declared to make a split investment of $50 million. A major part of the money is to be spent on cloud computing and embedding technology, while the rest is reserved for investments in Chinese firms. Intel has decided to ...
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SuprSetr - gHacks Technology News
By Martin Brinkmann
Hobby and professional photographers often work with photo sets, and Flickr's option to create sets aids them in the creation, management and organization of.
gHacks Technology News | Latest...
Quote I Love: Technology alone doesn't solve problems. Social ...
By kempton
Technology alone doesn't solve problems. Social media does not create revolutions. Its a tool. Nothing more or less. Real revolutions are born out of righteous anger and courage and vision.” - Malcolm Gladwell at University of ...
Kempton - ideas Revolutionary
The Charred Side of Green Technology | RedState
By alaskaescapeartist (Profile)
The Charred Side of Green Technology. Posted by alaskaescapeartist (Profile). Saturday, August 6th at 9:17AM EDT. No Comments. Sponsored Content. RSS feed. Comments Leave a comment. No comments yet. Leave a Comment ...
alaskaescapeartist's blog
John's Phone: Subversive Mobile Technology | Disinformation
By mortimer
Via Media Underground: Saturday afternoon and I'd been sitting in my local pub for at least an hour drinking the remains of my second pint of beer. The.
Maglev: Train Technology Of The Future - Article Directory
You would be forgiven for imagining that maglev is new technology, but in fact the first American patent was filed by a German inventor in America in 1907. It then took 74 years before the first commercial maglev train came into service ...
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Organizing a Digital Technology Department of Large Size in a ...
By Rajiv Pant
There are many good ways to organize your technology department. This article presents some of them. It is written for a CTO, CIO or EVP Technology leading a.
Web Site of Rajiv Pant
Pioneering Technology Entrepreneur Scott Klososky Keynote Speaker ...
By ABMN Staff
Pioneering Technology Entrepreneur Scott Klososky Keynote Speaker at NationaLease 67th Annual Meeting Scott Klososky, CEO of three successful technology...
American Banking News
The Science and Technology of Gaming Continues to Evolve » Blog ...
News of the gaming technology analysis projects was broke by reporter Scully Hussar, a hightechnology consultant and local newspaper writer. “I was thrilled to hear this news,” said Scully Hussar, “on more than just one level: As a ...
The Science and Technology of...
HTML5 – Disruptive Technology or Next Evolution of the Web? - GLG News
By William Stueber
HTML5 refers to a broad group of proposed and new technologies that provide for significantly enhanced functionality, ubiquitous user experience across browser/handset/OS platforms,“app” functional.
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