11 August 2011

Amazon Avoids Apple Toll With Kindle Cloud Reader

Amazon Avoids Apple Toll With Kindle Cloud Reader
HTML5-based Web app lets Amazon get around Apple's App Store subscription rules, hold onto more ebook revenue. By Thomas Claburn InformationWeek Amazon has embraced Web apps as a way around Apple's App Store subscription rules. ...
HP TouchPad $100 price cut made permanent
In what could signal the start of a price war in the tablet market, Hewlett-Packard has made permanent the $100 discount it offered last weekend on its TouchPad device. On August 3 we reported Hewlett-Packard knocking $50 off the price of its recently ...
Prosecutor charges two in 2010 sale of iPhone 4 prototype
But Calif. county's district attorney passes on Gizmodo, which paid $5K for the lost smartphone, and former editor Jason Chen By Gregg Keizer Computerworld - A California county district attorney's office has decided not to press charges against ...
Twitter Adds an Activity Stream
Twitter is introducing two new activity-centric features Wednesday in a partial redesign of its web application. The changes, designed to help users more easily discover what's happening on Twitter in relation to them, are reflected in two new tabs on ...
Facebook Hits Back Against Uproar over Phone Syncing
PC Magazine
By Damon Poeter A Facebook user backlash is not an uncommon thing, and Wednesday turned out to be one of those days for the social networking site. It turns out some portion of Facebook's 750 million user base cottoned on to the site's practice of ...
Cablevision, Viacom Settle Lawsuit Over iPad TV Show Streaming
The Cablevision iOS app that lets you stream TV shows to your iPad has finally cleared the Viacom hurdle. The Optimum iOS app for the iPad was first introduced back in April, offering up to 300 TV channels. And much like the reaction to the Time Warner ...
Apple Shows Off New Fifth Avenue Store Rendering
A major revamp of Apple's famous Fifth Avenue store in New York City with the 32-foot glass cube entrance has been underway since June. The $6.7 million project will keep the glass cube intact but will simplify its structure by using larger panes of ...
FTC Focuses Probe on Android, Web Search
Wall Street Journal
By THOMAS CATAN And AMIR EFRATI US antitrust regulators are focusing their investigation of Google Inc. on key areas of its business, including its Android mobile-phone software and Web-search related services, people familiar with the probe say. ...
Summary Box: Review of myTouch 4g Slide Phone
ABC News
By AP THE GADGET: Over the past several years, cameras built into phones have improved tremendously and the myTouch 4G Slide ($200 with a two-year T-Mobile contract) is the latest smartphone that focuses on this feature. THE DETAILS: The HTC-made ...
Quantum super-computing sees microwave breakthrough
PARIS — Physicists in the United States on Wednesday notched up a lab success in the quest for quantum computers, whose stellar capacities have already earned them the nickname of "super-computers on steroids." Atoms can be excited to a quantum ...
Underwater Volcano Eruption Discovered, Scientist Prove Prediction Correct
International Business Times
Marisa Krystian | Aug 10, 2011 | 1min:29sec Underwater Volcano Eruption Discovered, Scientist Prove Prediction Correct. A group of scientists in Oregon were on a routine mission to recover underwater monitoring instruments in late July when they ...
Apple seen doubling or even tripling market share of iPhone & Mac
Apple Insider
By Neil Hughes Apple's growth has been called the "ultimate platform adoption story" in a new analysis, which sees the potential for Mac and iPhone market shares to double or even triple in the next few years. Shaw Wu with Sterne Agee said in a note to ...
Walmart Launches Streaming Service for iPad
FOX 9 News
(NewsCore) - Walmart Stores announced Wednesday it was launching its VUDU movie streaming service for Apple's iPad. The world's largest retailer by revenue said the subscription-free, video-on-demand service would offer iPad users access to 20000 ...
Motorola CEO 'Open' to Windows Phone Relationship
PCMagazine: At a conference on Tuesday, Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha entertained the possibility of Motorola smartphones running Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system. "I would have to consider whether defocusing from Android to Windows will ...
HTC Schedules 'Major Announcement' for Thursday
PC Magazine
By Mark Hachman HTC has announced a "major news announcement" for Thursday, although there's no telling what it is at this point. Unlike Facebook or Apple, HTC clearly has not learned the lesson of placing a teasing graphic, catchy slogan, ...
Gamefly's PC Game Rental Service: Is There Really an Audience?
By Peter Smith, ITworld The PC gaming digital distribution world is certainly getting crowded. For the longest time we had Steam, Direct2Drive and Impulse as 'the big 3' with Steam being by far the biggest. Then streaming services like OnLive and ...
Elder Scrolls vs. Minecraft dev: "scrolls" is our word
Ars Technica
By Andrew Webster | Published August 10, 2011 3:45 PM ZeniMax Media publishes a series of role-playing games called The Elder Scrolls, developed by Bethesda Software; the fifth such game, Skyrim, will be released this November. Mojang, the indie studio ...
Sifteo aiming to bring back old-style game play
San Francisco Chronicle
Larisa Berger a Sifteo intern holds one of the game cubes. Sifteo is a San Francisco start-up hoping to revolutionize gaming with its innovative new system: a series of cubes that have LCD screens on them, which can be re-arranged in endless ...
Hypersonic Flight Test Scheduled For Thursday
By Glenn Pew, Contributing Editor, Video Editor If all goes well, the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle II will launch August 11 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, near Los Alamos, Calif., and splash down nearly 4900 miles away -- and 30 minutes later ...
Japan Earthquake, Tsunami Created Antarctic Icebergs
ABC News
We knew already that the Japan earthquake in March was a disaster of global proportions, and now there's a new demonstration of just how global it was. Three scientists examined satellite images from Antarctica, 8000 miles south of the epicenter, ...
Ford and SunPower announce deal to bundle electric cars with rooftop solar power
San Jose Mercury News
By Dana Hull Electric-car makers and solar manufacturers have long known they share the same potential customers -- highly educated and affluent people who are fascinated by technology and care about the environment and energy independence. ...
NASA rover sends back photos from huge Martian crater (photos)
After climbing itself out of one big hole, NASA's Martian rover Opportunity is ready for more. A three-year journey has taken it to the edge of the huge Endeavour Crater. The crater is 14 miles in diameter and scientists hope it will provide a glimpse ...
China Mainly Blames US, India for 500000 Cyberattacks Last Year
International Business Times
By Elias Samuel | August 10, 2011 4:02 AM EDT China claimed on Tuesday that it was hit by nearly 500000 cyberattacks last year, according to the South China Morning Post -- a Hong Kong-based English newspaper published by the SCMP group. ...
Free Nintendo 3DS Games, Lower $170 Price Deal In Place at Walmart
PC Magazine
By Mark Hachman If you're in the market for a new Nintendo 3DS, you might want to hustle down to Walmart today, or Target. On July 28, Nintendo said that it would drop its 3DS price to $170, starting August 12. But the gamers who buy a 3DS from ...
Low-income students to be offered Internet deal
Chicago Sun-Times
In an effort to bridge what has become known as “the digital divide,” Valley View School District, the school board, Comcast and Mayors Roger Claar of Bolingbrook and John Noak of Romeoville are partnering in a joint venture that will bring low-cost ...
Domo Arigato: Hulu to Launch in Japan
By Daniel Frankel at TheWrap The company didn't disclose details as to whether the offering will resemble its free and subscription services in the US -- that information will come out closer to the launch date, according to the announcement. ...
Did a London Rioter Try to Sell Looted iPhones on Craigslist?
PC Magazine
By Leslie Horn It appears that a London rioter is trying to unload some pilfered goods on Craigslist. The Next Web has discovered a suspicious post on the London section of the online classifieds site advertising 40 16GB iPhone 4s for 320 pounds each. ...
NASA Gives Private Space Industry a $10 Million Boost
International Business Times
NASA has given seven different private space firms contracts worth a combined $10 million, signaling the growing importance of private firms capable of supporting NASA's efforts in the post-shuttle era. Each of the seven companies will receive two-year ...
FCC Combines Reviews for AT&T Purchase of Qualcomm and T-Mobile
Top Tech Reviews
The Federal Communications Commission declined to approve AT&T's acquisition of Qualcomm spectrum and announced that it would combine its review with the ongoing probe of the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile. The agency said that there are similarities ...

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