22 February 2015

Tech: Unlocked Mobile US Cellphones, Xiaomi Smartphones

All US carriers must comply with requests from postpaid and prepaid customers to unlock their devices, as long as certain parameters are met. The industry group CTIA had committed last year to have all wireless carriers adhering to the regulation by February 11, 2015. Last year, the "Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act," was enacted which overruled a controversial 2012 decision by the Library of Congress. (read more at CNET)

Xiaomi's key to smartphone success: 'Be friends with our fans' - CNET"The up-and-coming Chinese smartphone manufacturer has gone from obscurity to China's number-one vendor in just four years. Xiaomi owes a large part of that to its attitude toward customers."

New York Times

Tech Investors Create a Billion-Dollar-Baby Boom
New York Times
... investors say, is the advent of today's technology — high-speed Internet connections, the ubiquity of smartphones, modern social networks — that ...

Europe And Tech: Who's Hot?
Silicon Valley showed the world how powerful and inspiring a strong tech sector can be, to an entrepreneurial culture and a nation's economy.
What's Germany's Top Tech Hub? - Forbes

5 most popular tech stocks among hedge funds
However, David Tepper, George Soros, and Peter Rathjens of Arrowstreet Capital all dumped their positions in the tech giant, feeling the ceiling had ...

Big tech is on sale
The good news is that large tech stocks still have room to run, say experts, ... in its Android operating system, which drives the vast majority of smartphones. ... Investors can also gain diverse exposure to large-cap tech through the ...

How to Find the Right Tech Talent (for the Non-Tech Entrepreneur)
Unfortunately, when seeking tech talent with specialized training, such as back-end and front-end development skills for websites, mobile apps and ...

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