21 February 2015

Startups Push Back on FCC Net Neutrality Critic Pai Argument

Pai boosts profile as net neutrality critic -- Startups push back on his business argument - POLITICO: "... STARTUPS PUSH BACK ON PAI’S ARGUMENT — In a letter to the FCC ... a group of more than 100 startups — including Etsy, Foursquare and Tumblr — are taking issue with Pai’s comment earlier this month that Wheeler’s net neutrality proposal will saddle “small, independent businesses and entrepreneurs with heavy-handed regulations that will push them out of the market.” To the contrary, the startup community supports Wheeler’s plan to reclassify broadband as it “will encourage competition and innovation by preventing ISPs from using their gatekeeper power to distort the Internet market for their own private benefit,” the companies wrote. “A vibrant Internet economy depends on an open playing field in which small, innovative entrepreneurs can compete with incumbents on the quality of their services, not on the size of their checkbook or their roster of lobbyists.”..." (read more at the link above)

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