02 February 2015

Tech News: Microsoft, Android, CyanogenMod

Microsoft to Invest in CyanogenMod: What Could It Mean For Google? : PERSONAL TECH : Tech Times: "Microsoft is reportedly taking part in a $70 million investment round in CyanogenMod, an Android ROM creator that is one of the most popular alternative versions of Android. CyanogenMod essentially takes the Android code and modifies it, adding different features and bringing it to other devices. What could a Microsoft-powered CyanogenMod mean for Google? There are a number of reasons that Microsoft could be investing in CyanogenMod. Android is a very open operating system. However, Google does not offer the source code for services like Gmail and YouTube. Google has also been tightening its grip on Android in the past few years...." (read more at the link above)

New York Post

Apple is in a league of its own
New York Post
What Tim Cook and his execs pulled off this week is nothing short of amazing, as the tech giant reported record earnings and the stock on Friday came ...

Business Insider

Apple's earnings report was *too good*. People don't think Apple can beat it. Here's why that's a ...
Business Insider
And yet, Apple has consistently outperformed the skeptics. ... Apple's sales were up 30%, while Google's revenues were only up 15% last quarter.

In Kansas City, Google Fiber has changed workers' lives
The Tennessean
In 2010, Nashville was among the 1,100 cities that applied to be the first Google Fiber city. The title went to Kansas City, which has been reaping the ...

Why Apple keeps winning in style
Technically Incorrect: As technology becomes more fixated on fashion, the maker of the iPhone and the Apple Watch is well placed to take advantage.


The most poignant commercial you'll watch today is on Google's homepage
“I dream a world where man, no other man will scorn,” begins Google's animated tribute to the quintessential poet of the Harlem Renaissance, ...


Apple Stores Will Be Outfitted With Special Safes for Gold Apple Watches
As we get closer to Apple Watch's official launch, more details are becoming clearer and clearer. For one, we're pretty certain they'll be shipping in ...


The British Army is Creating a Battalion of "Facebook Warriors"
Warfare is a constantly changing landscape, from the weapons that are used to the battlefields they're fought on. Amidst mountains of Snowden leaks ...

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