02 December 2014

Who Is Hacking Hollywood and Wall Street? (video)

Hollywood and Wall Street Hacked: Who's Doing It? : Video - Bloomberg:
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Jen Weedon, manager of threat intelligence at FireEye, discusses the theft of merger-and-acquisition information from more than 80 companies and the hack attack of Sony Pictures. She speaks with Bloomberg's Trish Regan on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg 12/1)

New York Times

Technology|Amazon's $250 Million Shortfall (or Investment)
New York Times
Sometime last summer, a quarter-billion dollars went missing at Amazon. Analysts were expecting the usual gangbusters third quarter. But it was ...
Watch the Robots Shipping Your Amazon Order This Holiday - TIME
Amazon's New Robot Army Is Ready to Ship - ABC News
Drones Are So Last Year At Amazon, Yet The PR Machine Rolls On - TechCrunch


Is A Threat Posted On Facebook Really A Threat?
The U.S. Supreme Court is tackling a question of increasing importance in the age of social media and the Internet: What constitutes a threat on ...
Supreme Court to weigh whether Facebook rants are threats - MSNBC

Google Glass will return in 2015 with Intel inside, says WSJ
2015 will see Google launch a new model of its Glass headset, which will be ... 


Google Unseats Apple In U.S. Classrooms As Chromebooks Beat iPads
As of the third quarter of 2014, Chromebooks have displaced iPads as the most popular new devices shipping to U.S. schools. This is a huge win for Google in a market historically dominated by Apple and Microsoft. According to the Financial Times and IDC, ...

Financial Express

Samsung mobile boss given second chance for turnaround
Samsung Electronics' mobile boss and co-CEO Jong-Kyun Shin will keep his post despite recent downturns in the company's smartphone business, Samsung said in the conglomerate's annual management reshuffle announcement. There were rampant ...

Star Witness in Apple Lawsuit Is Steve Jobs
New York Times
Emails by the Apple chief, who died in 2011, have been used against the company in lawsuits....


Apple Store logos tinted red worldwide in support of World AIDS Day
Apple Insider
Apple brick-and-mortar retail outlets around the world on Monday changed their iconic Apple logos red in recognition of World AIDS Day, which in 2014 is commemorating its 26th year of supporting those affected by the disease....

Sony hires Mandiant after cyber attack, FBI starts probe
Sony Pictures looks for North Korea link to cyber attack...


After Firefox, Yahoo aims Apple Safari as default search engine
Summary: Firefox has a relatively unclear future after signing a long-term deal with Yahoo, to replace Google as the default search engine, as Safari looks to make same move in 2015... 

Hindustan Times

Xbox Japan chief resigns after poor sales
Hindustan Times
The head of Microsoft's Xbox business in Japan has stepped down, but the firm said the move was not linked to years of poor sales of the games consoles. Takashi Sensui resigned Sunday as "interactive entertainment business general manager" at Microsoft ...

Microsoft acquires email startup Acompli
Although limited Exchange email and calendar compatibility is cooked into both Google and Apple's mobile OSes, Acompli handles tasks like creating ...

Yandex Gives Its Browser A Minimalist Makeover | TechCrunch"The alpha version of the browser is currently available for Mac and Windows and is offered in 15 languages at this point, including English, Russian and Turkish."

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