16 December 2014

Microsoft Takes On US DOJ Over Email Privacy (video)

Microsoft Is Taking On the Government Over Email Privacy: Video - Bloomberg:
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Brad Smith, general counsel at Microsoft, explains why Microsoft is taking on the U.S. government over email privacy. He speaks with Bloomberg's Trish Regan on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg 12/15)

Microsoft gets allies to help tell U.S. to back off on Irish search warrant
The U.S. Department of Justice should back off its request for Microsoft to turn over a suspect's digital documents stored on a server in Ireland, or be prepared for other governments demanding documents stored on U.S. servers, the company's general ...

iTunes trial: Case over Apple's digital music dominance heads to jury
San Jose Mercury News
OAKLAND -- iTunes 7.0: A landmark improvement to Apple's software for the iPod or an empty update meant to drive out competitors and hike prices for consumers? That will be the $1 billion question for a federal jury in Oakland as they deliberate over ...


Apple aced its e-book antitrust appeal
Judge Jacobs also repeatedly referred to Amazon's $9.99 pricing policy, whereby it sold books at below the wholesale acquisition cost, as “predatory ...
US faces tough questions in Apple e-books antitrust appeal - Reuters


Facebook Removes Microsoft Bing Search Feature
Bing.com is currently the second largest search engine with 20% of the market compared to Google's 67%. Fortunately for Microsoft, Yahoo!/Bing is ...


That Was Fast; Spain Already In Full Retreat Over Google Tax
That's the exile of all of the Spanish press from the main Google index. ... 

The Guardian

Amazon UK's 1 penny firesale
It was caused by a glitch in the software that third party sellers on Amazon ... Most of the orders have been canceled by Amazon. ... 

New York Times

Potential $1 billion Apple DRM judgment is now in jury's hands
The Verge
A jury of eight will now decide whether Apple should pay more than $1 ... "Plaintiffs don't understand the technology in this case," she told the jury.
Former engineer claims Apple intended to block 100 percent of non-iTunes clients - Digital Trends


Tuesday Is Amazon's Free Shipping Christmas Deadline
Inside An Amazon.com Distribution Center On Cyber Monday An employee stacks boxes filled with merchandise for shipment at the Amazon.com Inc.


Why Google Fiber missed the mark with free internet
Many know Google Fiber for its gigabit internet, but did you know it offers a no-cost option for internet access? Here's how Google dropped the ball on ...


Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Profile Under Attack From Brazilian Trolls
Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook profile has come under attack from a large ... photos and other “meme” images, on the Facebook CEO's public posts. ... this Facebook group titled “Flood that Mark” (translation via Google Translate). ... the design of Facebook's service and development of its core technology ...

Google App for iOS Gains Nest Integration
Mac Rumors
Following last week's major redesign, the Google app for iOS has seen yet ... Google makes devices and services that work with Google AND Apple ...

Google might build its own 'buy now' button to compete with Amazon
The Verge
Google has long had an e-commerce arm; its Google Shopping product lets you buy ... 

Video game industry struggles to grow, a year after new consoles launch - CNET: "After months of subsisting on strong sales of new game hardware, overall game spending plummets in November."

Google and French Space Agency partner on Project Loon:
Press Releases - CNES: "A fleet of balloons providing an Internet connection to rural, remote and underserved areas: that is the goal of Google’s ambitious Project Loon. CNES is supporting this project with balloon engineering expertise for which it has acquired international acclaim over the last 50 years. CNES and Google are delighted to be working together to give new momentum to research efforts in this area."

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