15 December 2014

Tech News: Mark Zuckerberg Q&A (video), Government Malware

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, sidestepping communication through the media, held his second public question-and-answer session to address users directly. (Bloomberg 12/12)

Antivirus Companies Shouldn’t Have Hidden What They Knew About Regin Government Malware | MIT Technology Review: "Antivirus companies had tracked the sophisticated—and likely U.S.-backed—Regin malware for years. But they kept what they learned to themselves. Last week we learned about a striking piece of malware called Regin that has been infecting computer networks worldwide since 2008. It’s more sophisticated than any known criminal malware, and everyone believes a government is behind it. No country has taken credit for Regin, but there’s substantial evidence that it was built and operated by the United States. This isn’t the first government malware discovered. GhostNet is believed to be Chinese. Red October and Turla are believed to be Russian. The Mask is probably Spanish. Stuxnet and Flame are probably from the U.S. All these were discovered in the past five years, and named by researchers who inferred their creators from clues such as who the malware targeted. I dislike the “cyberwar” metaphor for espionage and hacking, but there is a war of sorts going on in cyberspace. Countries are using these weapons against each other. This affects all of us not just because we might be citizens of one of these countries, but because we are all potentially collateral damage...."

HP Will Release a “Revolutionary” New Operating System in 2015 | MIT Technology Review: "...The main difference between The Machine and conventional computers is that HP’s design will use a single kind of memory for both temporary and long-term data storage. Existing computers store their operating systems, programs, and files on either a hard disk drive or a flash drive. To run a program or load a document, data must be retrieved from the hard drive and loaded into a form of memory, called RAM, that is much faster but can’t store data very densely or keep hold of it when the power is turned off. HP plans to use a single kind of memory—in the form of memristors—for both long- and short-term data storage in The Machine..."


The war against Google in Europe is escalating—but will it make any difference?
Also yesterday, on another company blog, Google noted the release of a ... That spurred responses from Google, Yelp, and the Microsoft-sponsored ...

Wall Street Journal

Google pulls Amazon app from Play Store listing
Amazon and Google are having an app store standoff, resulting in the ... avoiding the standoffs with app developers that Apple (AAPL, Tech30) is so ...
Google Removed Amazon's App From The Play Store - Business Insider

With Amazon Facing $1.5 Billion Income Tax Bill, Bezos Too Busy To Testify
Amazon is in quite a tax battle with the IRS. According the Amazon 10-K (downloadable) there is about $1.5 billion in taxes at stake spread over a ...


Apple under scrutiny in Canada for its contracts with carriers
Canada's Competition Bureau said Thursday that it is investigating whether contracts that Apple's Canadian unit has with the country's domestic ...


Google gives a big 'nyet' to Russian engineering operations
The tech publication, which cites anonymous sources, adds that the Google engineers, most of whom are located in Moscow, will have the option of ...

Google Translate Adds 10 New Asian and African Languages
The Next Web
Multilinguals can now learn to say hello in 90 languages using Google Translate, ... You Can Now Shop atApple's Online Store with Paypal ... Microsoft sends out invites for Windows 10 event at headquarters on January 21 ... Mark Zuckerberg is thinking about how to let you 'Dislike' things on Facebook.

Selling Beats to Apple made Dr. Dre 2014's highest-paid musician
The Verge
Dr. Dre made an enormous amount of money in 2014. Forbes puts his single-year payday at $620 million, which is the most of any musician in history.

Google's Android Studio 1.0 Makes Building Apps Easy
Windows/OS X/Linux: Google's Android Studio is out of beta, replacing Eclipse as the standard for Android application development. Aspiring Android ...

Industry Views: What Does Microsoft Mean for Bitcoin?
Following Microsoft's decision to embrace bitcoin, CoinDesk surveys thought leaders in the industry for ...Technology ... Microsoft took the bitcoin world by surprise late last night with the sudden announcement that it would allow ...

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