01 December 2014

Boris Johnson Pushes London Tech for Asian Funding (videos)

Boris Johnson Pushes London Tech for Asian Funding: Video - Bloomberg:
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Claire Cockerton, chief executive officer at Innovate Finance, talks with Anna Edwards about London Mayor Boris Johnson’s visit to Singapore as he seeks funding for U.K. financial technology companies. She speaks on “Countdown.” Nov. 28 (Bloomberg)

London Is Becoming a Tech Capital: Burbidge: Video - Bloomberg:
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Passion Capital Partner Eileen Burbidge discusses the growing tech scene in London, the talent issues in tech and their push for collaboration in Asia with Bloomberg’s Haslinda Amin on “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg 11/28)

Steve Jobs Still Wins Plenty of Patents | MIT Technology Review: "Who is named on a patent is sometimes just as important as what it says, at least that’s true for Jobs. In 2012, during a lawsuit with Motorola and Google, a Chicago judge had to order Apple’s lawyers to stop referring to a key patent covering swiping and scrolling on touch screens as “the Steve Jobs patent.”  Her reasoning: Apple’s lawyers were trying to turn the case into a popularity contest by invoking the beloved Apple founder. (Jobs was the first of 25 inventors named on that patent.)"

Microsoft distances itself from Steve Ballmer
Longtime Microsoft (MSFT) Chief Steve Ballmer, in August 2013, issued the now-infamous statement that he would retire "within the year." News of ...

BeatThatQuote's Judo Move: How To Outdo Google
As the European Parliament approves the break-up of Google, and Europe across the board targets US internet firms with regulation, we are failing to ...


Is Google Doing Anything New?
Apple's “simplicity of design” is no different from Henry Ford's Model T ... The possibility that Amazon's goals might be “missionary” rather than purely .... there was, in computingtechnology, I.B.M., of course, and then Microsoft; in the ...


Apple and the crisis of disruption
He may have been right about disk drives, mechanical excavators and steel mills. But Clayton Christensen, whose theory of disruptive innovation ...

Wall Street Journal

Wal-Mart and Target Take Fight to Amazon for Holiday Sales
Wall Street Journal
Competition from Amazon.com Inc. and other online retailers is forcing brick-and-mortar chains to get more aggressive with deals. The online prices ...


The Art Of Anticipation: Why Apple Stores' Retail Customer Service Is Better Than Yours
With the Apple Store app, Apple allows a customer to schedule an ... on you the customer, a source of comfort rather than technology induced. One of ...

Business Insider

Here's How Returns Work With Apple Pay
Business Insider
A good number of people will be using Apple Pay to do their holiday shopping this year.Apple activated a million people on Apple Pay during the first ...

The Independent

Amazon smashes Black Friday forecasts with busiest sales day ever
Amazon has reported its busiest ever sales day on Black Friday as consumers rushed ... Last year, Amazon sold more than 4m items on Black Friday.

EU Parliament Passes Non-Binding Measure Expressing Desire To Break Up Google Search Into...
Microsoft, IBM, and Apple are among many such companies singled out by the ... What exactly would breaking up Google accomplish, according to the ... In the European Parliament's ideal world, Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail, and .... for people that don't understand the technology they are trying to legislate.

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