30 November 2012

Internet Freedom at stake in Dubai at WCIT

What upcoming event has the potential for the greatest negative impact on the future of the internet? The upcoming WCIT conference where the ITU (a UN agency) is going to attempt to take control of the internet and allow countries like Russia and China destroy internet freedom. Read more below--and to take action go to Take Action – Google: "A free and open world depends on a free and open web."

Euro MPs: Do not let the ITU take control of the internet | ZDNet: "The ITU is hosting the World Conference on International Communications (WCIT) in Dubai between 3 and 14 December. -
The European Parliament warned the revisions would be a mistake and urged EU member states to reject changes to international telecommunications regulations (ITR) in place since 1988. "Some ITR reform proposals being presented by the ITU member states would negatively impact the internet, its architecture, operations, content and security, business relations, internet governance and the free flow of information online," Dutch MEP Marietje Schaake and other lawmakers said in the motion for resolution. In addition, "the ITU, or any other single, centralised international institution, is not the appropriate body to assert regulatory authority over either internet governance or internet traffic flows," lawmakers said. At the moment, large, primarily US-based organisations such as ICANN and IANA have oversight of parts of the internet.
In advance of the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT), the European Parliament has issued a resolution stating that the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) should not have control over the web. The ITU is a United Nations agency responsible for telecommunications. It works to establish worldwide standards, coordinate shared global use of the radio spectrum and improve telecommunications infrastructure. December's WCIT has been organised to bring together governments from all over the world to renegotiate the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs), first signed in 1988. Since 1988, communications have changed enormously, and the ITU wants to make sure that its regulations cover the internet effectively. As outlined in our guide, more than 100 organisations including Google, have raised concerns about the event, believing that the ITU should stick to covering telecommunications and not encroach on the web. However the ITU argues that telecommunications is defined as "any transmission, emission or reception of signs, signals, writing, images and sounds or intelligence of any nature by wired, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems", which implies that the internet might also be covered.Source: The European Parliament opposes ITU control of web (Wired UK)

UN summit may usher in more Internet regulations
"We want to maintain a platform of a free and open Internet as a platform for free expression," Patrick Ryan, an attorney at Google, said at a forum organized by Stanford Law School here yesterday afternoon. Google has organized a new campaign to draw ...

Google, Government Reps Warn Against Internet Regulation ...
By Eric Johnson
Internet regulation is dangerous. Really, really dangerous. At least for those who like the Internet as-is.

Google Fires a Rare Public Salvo Over Aggregators
New York Times
BERLIN — Google's imprint on daily life is hard to ignore in Europe, where it reportedly has 93 percent of the Internet search market, more than in the United States. Yet when it comes to its lobbying of lawmakers, Google prefers a low profile. That ...

U.K.'s First 4G Network, EE, Increases Data Limits By ~60% On Some Price ...
The U.K.'s first — and currently only — 4G network, run by carrier EE, has announced it is increasing the size of the data caps on some of its mobile broadband tariffs by around 60 percent, while keeping its pricing structure the same. The network ...


Why I support the Internet Radio Fairness Act
The Hill (blog)
As a musician with Break of Reality, an independent music group, I would very much like to have my voice heard with regard to the Internet Radio Fairness Act. Internet radio has provided tremendous exposure for my band, Break of Reality, an independent ...

Mediator Joins Contentious Effort to Add a 'Do Not Track' Option to Web Browsing
New York Times
The idea was to work out a global standard for “Do Not Track,” a computer browser setting that would allow Internet users to signal Web sites, advertising networks and data brokers that they did not want their browsing activities tracked for marketing ...

ZTE unveils the smallest 4G LTE datacard available
ZTE has announced the launch of its MF823, a small dongle it touts as the smallest 4G LTE data card currently available. The little white unit has already launched in Kazakhstan, of all places, and is heading for Europe and Asia “soon.” The press ...

1-In-5 Internet Users Always Read Privacy Policies, But That Doesn't ...
By Chris Morran
Though everyone is always saying “You've got to read the fine print,” most of us don't do it. According to a new study, only 16% of Internet users claim to always read privacy policies of the sites and online services with which they share their ...
The Consumerist

General Electric Pitches an Industrial Internet
By MIT Technology Review
General Electric has a new name for where it thinks its business is headed: the “industrial Internet.” The term, coined inside GE's R&D division, reflects the company's hope that adding more sensors to machinery will result in a deluge of data ...

Darrell Issa proposes 2-year ban on Internet legislations, will appear ...
By Cory Doctorow
Rep Darrell Issa (R-CA) has pretty good credentials as a friend of the Internet, being one of the early Congresscritters to stand up to SOPA and PIPA (though there's the little matter of sponsoring a corporatist bill to limit open access for ...
Boing Boing

Industrial Internet Will End Downtime, GE Hopes
Wall Street Journal
In General Electric Co.'s vision of the future, the company will be able to fix or replace its products before they break. In that world, airlines will receive notices from GE many miles before a jet-engine part is likely to fail, railroads will be ...

A New Way Around China's Internet Filters
Wall Street Journal (blog)
A key method for circumventing China's Internet filters, virtual private networks have come into the crosshairs of the government lately. During the 18th Party Congress earlier this month many faced blockages and more recently China Digital Times has ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

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