02 November 2012

Apple Leaves UK Judge at 'Loss' Over Samsung Web Posts

Apple Leaves UK Judge at 'Loss' Over Samsung Web Posts
Apple Inc. (AAPL) was criticized by U.K. judges in a patent lawsuit with Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) for posting a notice on its website that was “untrue” and “incorrect.” The U.K. Court of Appeal in London ordered Apple to remove the statement within ...


Zappos Founder Launches iOS Social Video App, Threadlife
PC Magazine
Threadlife. The man behind the popular online shoe retailer Zappos is at it again with a new iOS app launching today called Threadlife, which gives users a whole new way to create, view, had share video. Threadlife, which was created by Zappos founder ...

Mobile Device Management: a market overview
The Mobile Device Management (MDM) market has seen some consolidation over the last few years, but there's still a wide range of tools and services available. These range from mail servers with integrated MDM functionality, to cloud services, to tooling ...

iFixit tears into iPad Mini, finds assembly a lot like iPod Touch
iFixit tears into iPad Mini, finds assembly a lot like iPod Touch. The site got an early shipment and is tearing down the device right now. One of its initial findings is many parts in the device truly are mini -- including the battery and the screws. Shara Tibken ...

Intel Working on 48-Core Mobile Chip: Report
The 48-core chip could give smartphones significant computing power and help reduce power use, according to Intel researchers. Intel reportedly is developing a 48-core chip for mobile devices that could begin appearing in smartphones and tablets within ...


Astronauts begin spacewalk to fix space station cooling system
Fox News
Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide is pictured during a spacewalk on Sept. 5, 2012. During the six-hour, 28-minute spacewalk, Hoshide and NASA astronaut Sunita Williams (out of frame) fixed a critical station power unit and installed a camera oNASA ...

AT&T, T-Mobile team up to curb smartphone theft
AT&T and T-Mobile, the two GSM carriers in the U.S., have turned on a database designed to cut back on smartphone theft. The database went live yesterday, and allows either AT&T or T-Mobile to block a device from being used on either network. In order to ...

Hyundai seeks youth vote with special editions
Hyundai is going to sell a RE:MIX version of its Veloster sporty car (Photo: Hyundai). Story Highlights. Hyundai is going to try to appeal to young buyers with personalization; It's the same formula that Toyota has used for its Scion brand; The cars look more cool ...

Hardware hacker proves Apple Fusion Drive works on older Macs
Top marks to hardware hacker Patrick Stein who has discovered that Apple's Fusion Drive technology, which combines separate SSD and HDD storage into a single volume, can be added to old Macs. And he's added one to his own Mac Pro. Patrick's test ...

Here's an inside look at the SEMA aftermarket car show [video]
Los Angeles Times
Car lovers, Las Vegas is the place to be this week. Autos writer Bill Hennigan reports there from the Specialty Equipment Market Assn. trade show about some of the interesting aftermarket auto parts and accessories he's seeing. Photos: Highlights from the ...

'Halo 4' Review
Usually when there's a '4′ in a game's title, there's not much to be said about how it's going to be a reinvention of the series. Across five different shooter titles, Halo has given us new guns, maps and gameplay modes over the years, all developed by its ...


Kim Dotcom's new Mega to replace Megaupload
"The new Mega avoids any dealings with US hosters, US domains and US backbone providers and has changed the way it operates to avoid another takedown." Mr Dotcom announced the new site via twitter today. He wrote: "This must be the biggest launch ...http://kim.com/mega/


Daily Report: Apple Shake-Up May Lead to Design Shift
New York Times (blog)
Steven P. Jobs, the Apple chief executive who died a year ago, pushed the company's software designers to use virtual doodads that mimic the appearance and behavior of real-world things, like wooden shelves for organizing newspapers and the ...

New York Times (blog)

BlackBerry 10: Dozens of networks probe the final RIM shot
RIM reckons more than 50 network operators are testing its BlackBerry 10 handsets, which sounds impressive until one remembers that testing is just a first step on the long journey to market. Nonetheless, the trouble mobe maker is keen to prove its radio ...

Why Did This Take Facebook So Long?
Facebook is testing a new service that might make Craigslist a thing of the past. Two sources within Facebook, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, have independently told The Daily that development of a classifieds project is on a fast track, not just as a ...

Today in Tech: Why Eddy Cue may be Apple Maps' best hope
At my home in suburban New Jersey, a 30-foot limb dropped down at 4 p.m., so the illusion that this was an event happening to someone else quickly dissipated. And at 8 p.m., just when we hunkered down in front of the big screen, the house went dark.

Damaged Goods: Fisker Karmas Ignite in Lot after Hurricane Sandy
MotorTrend Magazine
Hurricane Sandy ravaged parts of the East Coast earlier this week, and dealers are still feeling the pain as as fleets of now-unsellable new cars were submerged in water, reports Automotive News. Among the damaged goods were 16 Fisker Karmas that were ...

MotorTrend Magazine

Teardown: Microsoft Surface Tablet
EE Times
Will Microsoft's $499 Surface make a dent in the tablet market? On a technical basis, its innards should be illustrative. So we turned to our friends at iFixit, who gave us a mini version of their Surface teardown. The tablet is notable because it runs Windows RT, ...

EE Times

Why I Won't Be Using Google's New iPhone Voice Search
Google's search app for iPhone just got a big upgrade, with improved voice search that supports natural-language questions, just like Apple's Siri. I tried it on my iPhone 5, and it's pretty slick. When I asked “What movies are playing tonight?” the app almost...


2013 Automobile of the Year: Tesla Model S
Automobile Magazine
Last summer, Automobile Magazine editors had the opportunity to interview Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, as the company launched its all-new electric sedan. A well-known industry insider warned us not to fall for Musk's smooth talk. "Don't bring any cash," he ...

Bulgaria Claims to Find Europe's 'Oldest Town'
ABC News
A Bulgarian archaeologist says a prehistoric town unearthed in eastern Bulgaria is the oldest urban settlement found to date in Europe. According to Vasil Nikolov, a professor from Bulgaria's National Institute of Archaeology, the stone walls excavated by his ...

Most and least reliable new cars by brand
If you are looking for a reliable car, don't assume that certain brands are always the best. Each manufacturer has models that offer a range of reliability, as identified in Consumer Reports' annual car reliability survey. When shopping for a new car, it's best to ...

Daily Infographic: A Family Tree Of Every Bird On Earth
Popular Science
This gorgeous infographic is the first family tree linking every bird on Earth, revealing how birds have evolved since the dinosaur age. The map shows where and when birds lived, which offers a glimpse of species diversification around the planet. One big ...

Titan slays Jaguar in computing comparison, open to R&D comers
FierceBiotech IT
Free Weekly Biotech IT Newsletter Want top headlines about Clinical Trial Design & Management, Pharmacovigilance, and Cloud Computing sent straight to your Inbox? Join over 22,000 biotech, pharma and IT professionals who subscribe to FierceBiotechIT ...

Boxee TV hits Wal-Mart, Roku gets Universal Search
November 01, 2012, 8:30 AM — The first Boxee Box manufactured by D-Link didn't exactly take off, reportedly selling around 120,000 units. Whether that was due to the feature set or the unique 'sunken cube' design that was a challenge to place in your ...

Holman & Moody Announces Limited Edition 2014 Mustang
Motor Authority
In 1964, a British racing team entered three new and unproven Ford Mustangs in a 4,000 mile European endurance race, called the Tour de France Automobile. Built by American tuning specialist and race car builder Holman & Moody, no one gave the ...

It's Global Warming, Stupid
Yes, yes, it's unsophisticated to blame any given storm on climate change. Men and women in white lab coats tell us—and they're right—that many factors contribute to each severe weather episode. Climate deniers exploit scientific complexity to avoid any ...

In the wake of Sandy's fury, residents regret decisions to stay put
Sydney Morning Herald
LONG Island is almost 200 kilometres long and about 30 kilometres wide, a fat digit pointing out into the Atlantic Ocean. Its base is New York harbour, the borough of Brooklyn opposite downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. From there it stretches east ...

Proto-planet Vesta's weathering is unlike other airless bodies
Los Angeles Times
The giant asteroid Vesta, sometimes known as a proto-planet, has a surface unlike any other airless body previously observed. While Earth's moon and other airless bodies are generally a relatively uniform gray, Vesta's bright background is streaked with ...

California Targets Mobile Apps For Missing Privacy Policies
Mobile app developers, beware: California is set to begin fining mobile app developers that release apps that lack a clear -- and easily accessible -- privacy policy. The state's Attorney General, Kamala D. Harris, this week began notifying numerous ...

Rosetta Stone and Google settle trademark lawsuit
(Reuters) - Language-software maker Rosetta Stone Inc has agreed to drop its trademark infringement lawsuit against Google Inc over the search engine company's advertising practices. The companies agreed to settle all claims and dismiss the suit, ...

Google Teams Up with LG Electronics for New Flagship Nexus 4 Smartphone.
X-bit Labs
Google and LG Electronics this week introduced the new flagship Google Nexus 4 smartphone, which will deliver the best functionality the search giant has to offer and will likely become one of the top-selling Android-based device. The smartphone boasts...

X-bit Labs

Apple 10-K: R&D spending up to $3.4bn, increased retail focus
Apple late last night filed its 10-K filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the 2012 fiscal year. The Cupertino, CA.-based technology giant's form, a requirement by the U.S. government, sheds some light on interesting figures ...

FCC: Communications slowly improving after Sandy
Wall Street Journal
Associated Press. NEW YORK — Federal regulators say that wireless networks are slowly coming back to life after Hurricane Sandy, with about 1 in 5 cell towers still being out of service Wednesday in a storm-hit area stretching from Virginia to Massachusetts.

Verizon's New Ad Campaign Is a Load of Half-Truths
E-Commerce Times
Verizon's New Ad Campaign Is a Load of Half-Truths. Verizon's New Ad Campaign Is a Load of Half-Truths. By Jeff Kagan E-Commerce Times 11/01/12 5:00 AM PT. No carrier offers high-speed to all customers in all locations. The industry is undergoing a ...

Apple iPad (2012)
If you're buying a tablet this holiday season, you'll want to stop here first. The iPad has more apps and faster performance of any other tablet. Its ecosystem of content runs the gamut through movies, TV shows, music, games, and books. Its 9.7-inch screen is ...

Google Improving Gmail With New Multi-Message Capabilities
Google is fixing one of the most frustrating things about Gmail: Users will soon be able to compose multiple messages to any recipients at the same time. Google's Gmail users will soon be relieved of the frustration that often occurred when they couldn't open...


Endeavour Exhibit Opens Thanks to Toyota Tundra
Crave Online
The permanent exhibition of the Space Shuttle Endeavour is now open for business at the California Science Center near downtown Los Angeles. But, that big, beautiful bird would never have arrived without a lot of help from a 2012 Toyota Tundra pickup ...

Samsung spills Galaxy S3 Mini's UK launch date
ZDNet (blog)
Samsung spills Galaxy S3 Mini's UK launch date. Summary: The smartphone, which is billed as a smaller version of the hit Galaxy S III but is in reality no such thing, will go on sale in a week's time. David Meyer. By David Meyer | November 1, 2012 -- 10:00 ...

ZDNet (blog)

Jack O'Lantern's glow is a working game of Tetris
What happens when you combine Russian design, Japanese entertainment and American holiday tradition? A Jack O'Lantern with a fully functional game of Tetris inside, topped off by a prickly pumpkin stem serving as a joystick. The one-of-a-kind gourd was ...

Duracell and Starbucks test wireless charging spots in Boston
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Web has been awash with photos of New Yorkers huddled around Starbucks locations hoping to snag free wireless service or a power outlet. Now, in a move unrelated to the disasters, Starbucks is further acknowledging...


Take-Two quarterly losses narrow as Borderlands 2, GTA IV & Red Dead ...
Take-Two Interactive's quarterly financial report is in and while profitablilty eluded the publisher, it did report a reduced loss compared to the previous fiscal year. Quarterly revenue doubled to $273 million USD (from $107 million the year before), while losses ...

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs developer wants your recorded vomiting, screaming
Horror game sequel Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs is not exactly going the tradtional route for development, but then again it's not a normal game, so that fits; developer The Chinese Room is making a very odd request of fans for the impending release: send ...


EMC Grabs Silver Tail
E-Commerce Times
EMC Grabs Silver Tail. EMC Grabs Silver Tail. By Erika Morphy E-Commerce Times 10/31/12 2:42 PM PT. The only thing that makes EMC's acquisition of Silver Tail predictable is that EMC has a history of buying companies that appear to be odd choices.

NASA rover's first soil studies help fingerprint Martian minerals
Indiana University
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Oct. 31, 2012. PASADENA, Calif. -- Initial experiments completed by NASA's Mars rover Curiosity have shown the mineralogy of Martian soil to be similar to that of weathered basaltic soils of volcanic origin in Hawaii. Investigators ...

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