03 November 2012

Microsoft's Plan to Sell Answers

Microsoft's Plan to Sell Answers - NYTimes.com
Microsoft's focus on forming patterns and predictions with computers could make machine learning a core part of all its businesses. The grand plan involves not just selling software, but data, algorithms, even answers to questions. Read more.
NYT Bits

DEAR APPLE: I'm Leaving You - Business Insider
By Ed Conway
I'll probably ditch iTunes Match in favour of Amazon Cloud Player or Google Drive, and, frankly, good riddance after the way you've treated us mobile users of the service. I'll miss some of the apps, I'm sure – Reeder to name just one. I'll miss ...
Business Insider

Save time when purchasing things on your phone with Google ...
By Commerce Blog
Making purchases on your mobile phone can be a lot easier. Starting today, on sites that acceptGoogle Wallet, you don't need to enter your credit or debit card number, billing address or other payment information — it's already securely ...
Google Commerce

Google Wallet Expands To Mobile Web | TechCrunch
By Sarah Perez
On sites supporting Google Wallet, users can just click the “Buy with Google Wallet” button, login to their Google account, and complete the order. OK, it's a few more taps than one (it's three), butAmazon's got that patent, right? If anything, the ...

Amazon brings Cloud Drive Photos app to Android, keeps your ...
By Edgar Alvarez
Amazon announced earlier that its Cloud Drive Photos application is now available on Android for both handset and tablets, giving users of Google's OS a cloud-based hub to use for uploading, saving, sharing and viewing pictures -- of course ...

Chrome Web Store - Adblock Plus - Chrome - Google
Ads were yesterday! The successful extension Adblock Plus is now available for Google Chrome™.

Nexus 4 (16GB) - Google Play
Google Now brings you just the right information at just the right time. It shows you how much traffic to expect on your way to work, lets you know if your flight is ...

Summly: Teenager launches top-selling news app
BBC News
A smartphone app which provides summaries of news stories soared to number nine in Apple's app store just two hours after its release in the US. The app, called Summly, was designed by 17-year-old Londoner Nick D'Aloisio, and has received more than ...

BBC News

Dynamics CRM Gets Yammer, Skype, iPad Support
Microsoft is preparing a major update to its Dynamics CRM suite of customer relationship management tools that includes the addition of several new information and security resources. The update will be available in December. The company did not provide ...

4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Coming to Sprint Nov. 11
PC Magazine
Galaxy Tab 2 1.01. Sprint on Thursday announced it will begin selling the 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, the carrier's first 4G LTE tablet, beginning Sunday, Nov. 11. The phone will be available in Sprint retail stores and on the company's website for ...

Path App Winds Its Way Onto the iPad
Path, the “personal social network,” is now available on the iPad. Besides being expanded to fit the 9.7-inch size of the iPad, the app introduces a handsome photo collage in landscape mode for browsing back through your timeline visually. In portrait, the ...

Oprah: Microsoft's Surface is like a Mercedes
When a person of influence endorses your product, your marketing department reaches for the sky. Or, more likely, for the Skyy. So, wherever you are, you will surely be hearing the ululations of vodka-fueled pleasure emanating from Redmond on hearing that ...

How many iPad Minis could Apple sell this weekend?
Apple could sell anywhere between 1 million and 1.5 million iPad Minis over the weekend, according to Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster. In an investors note out yesterday, Munster noted that the projection is low compared with the 3 million 3rd-generation iPads ...

Samsung's 10-Inch Android Tablets: Which Is Best?
Samsung makes a wide array of tablets. Some have small screens, some have medium screens, some have large screens. The company is currently selling several different 10-inch tablets that might be hard to choose among. There's the Tab 2 10.1, the Note ...

Samsung's Galaxy Note II hits 3 million sales
Samsung's Galaxy Note II was released in South Korea in September and in the U.S. in October. (Photo: Markus Schreiber AP). Story Highlights. Sales were better than expected; Launched in the U.S. in October; Overcame concerns about large screen size ...

Report: Facebook Testing Free Wi-Fi Check-In Program
PC Magazine
Facebook Wi-Fi. After crossing the one billion user mark a few months ago, speculation ramped up as to how Facebook might further leverage its phenomenal growth. While talk of a Facebook phone and even a search engine crop up every few months, ...

Gamma ray telescope uses 'blazars' to map GLOWING COSMIC FOG
Scientists operating the Fermi gamma wave telescope have published the results of a four-year study into the light that shines in the universe from current and past stars. The experiment measures the light from the first stars formed after the Big Bang, the ...

'I'd buy that for a dollar': Apple on Moto phone patents
Apple is willing to pay to use Googorola's patented wireless technology - as long as it's no more than $1 per iPhone. The fruity firm made the offer in a filing to a Wisconsin court ahead of a patent licensing trial due to start next week. Google-owned Motorola ...

Captain Kirk does a Crapp on the iPhone: 'Shatoetry' for 'Shatisms'
William Shatner, the "world-renowned performer and writer", is offering the fanbois the chance to assemble pre-recorded words straight from Kirk's mouth into "Shatisms" - phrases "played out in Shatner's voice". The Star Trek thesp said of his $2.99 ...

Future Mars Missions: Can Humans Trump Robots?
For decades scientists have backed the idea of sending robots to collect Martian rocks and return them to Earth, a project that should be possible well before humans crunch their boots into the distant dunes of the Red Planet. The idea of landing, scooping up, ...

AMD: Is Move Into ARM Chips Positioning It For Sale?
Advanced Micro Devices this week announced a plan to begin developing ARM-based processors targeted at the server market, in an attempt to diversify away from the core battle with Intel for the x86 PC processor market. That's an interesting move, but one ...

Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X 'hero' Windows Phone 8 devices go on sale today
Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X 'hero' Windows Phone 8 devices go on sale today. Summary: The first Windows Phone 8 devices are now available to buy in the UK, from free on qualifying contracts or from £380 SIM-free. Ben Woods. By Ben Woods | November 2, ...


Engineers enslaved by Mexican drugs cartels
TG Daily
Dozens of engineers who have gone missing in Mexico over the last few years have, it's claimed, been pressed into service by drugs cartels to build communications networks. Mexican news site Animal Politico says drug gangs such as the Zetas use these ...

TG Daily

Take-Two to open Las Vegas office?
Las Vegas, Nevada may sound like a fitting location for a future Grand Theft Auto game, but while Take-Two may not have plans for a game set in Sin City, the company appears to be planning to set up a real-world outfit there. Gamasutra dug up proposal ...

Final 10-Mile Trek for Space Shuttle Atlantis
ABC News
Trailed by a solemn entourage of astronauts and shuttle workers, Atlantis began its slow journey to retirement Friday, the last space shuttle to fly in orbit and the last to leave NASA's nest. Atlantis emerged just before dawn from the massive Vehicle Assembly ...

ABC News

Microsoft gains smartphone market share despite Android's dominance
LATE TO THE SMARTPHONE PARTY, Microsoft is finally starting to see a return on the millions it has spent advertising Windows Phone as its market share is edging upwards. Figures from analyst outfit IDC show that 3.6 million handsets running Microsoft's ...

Amazon launches Cloud Drive Photos app for Android
ONLINE RETAILER Amazon has launched its Cloud Drive Photos service for Android users, offering 5GB of free storage. Amazon's digital locker service has been available through the firm's own app store, but now the firm has uploaded an app to Google ...


Apple files theft detection patent
TG Daily
In future, Siri could shriek 'Help! Help', when someone tries to steal your iPhone from your pocket. Apple's filed a patent for a method of detecting the sort of sneaky movements involved in theft by using the phone's accelerometer. The patent, titled ...

TG Daily

2012 SEMA: Our Top 10 Favorite Rides from Las Vegas
MotorTrend Magazine
The 2012 SEMA show has been nothing short of automotive sensory overload. We've already shared the weird and the quirky — now it's time to share our picks of the top 10 best rides we've seen during our days-long exploration of the Las Vegas Convention ...

MotorTrend Magazine

Yet Another Promise of a Smartphone Battery Breakthrough
Researchers tied to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say they've figured out how to double smartphone battery life, and the breakthrough has nothing to do with the battery itself. Eta Devices, a spinout from MIT, claim that the power amplifiers in ...


The apology that Apple should write immediately
CNET (blog)
It must have been very painful for Apple to hear that British judges weren't happy to see that Apple hadn't obeyed in full their orders to apologize to Samsung. Worse, the judges, led by Sir Robin Jacob, demanded that Apple post the correct wording within 48 ...

Microsoft needs to step up its cloud game
As InfoWorld's Ted Samson pointed out this week, Microsoft is intertwining Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Windows Azure to help developers build multiplatform, cloud-friendly apps. And it announced a batch of new services and functionality for its cloud ...

What If Mike Bloomberg Is Right And A Climate Change Nightmare Is Here?
Monday night, denial was a river in Manhattan. It was affecting me. I had almost flown out-of-state, away from my wife and two young children. It was affecting my friend, the best-selling author and journalist Alex Berenson, who at 2:37 pm tweeted: “#Sandy tip: ...

Why Jony Ive Shouldn't Kill Off Apple's Skeuomorphic Interfaces
Technology Review
Earlier this week Apple fired Scott Forstall, the architect of its iOS platform, and handed his duties over to the company's chief industrial designer, Jonathan Ive. Ive and Forstall had an infamously chilly working relationship, and one of their biggest ...

Technology Review

Automobile Car of the Year Award Goes to Tesla Model S
Automotive Discovery
After going through 28 of the top new cars coming out on the market, the critics at Automobile Magazine has made their decision about who to honor the Car of the Year Award to. The winner is the 2012 Tesla Model S despite the controversy that surrounds ...

The Oldest Town in Europe—Dating to 4700 BC—Is Discovered in Bulgaria
Bulgaria can now lay claim to having the oldest known settlement in ancient Europe, following a discovery by archaeologists near the city of Provadia. Located near the Black Sea resort of Varna, the previously buried town was established sometime between ...

Get Unlimited DVR Capability for Your Devices
Fox Business
This transcript is automatically generated. Or media and pop culture craving people boy they're dying they're really counting for that -- they don't have their electricity right now but guess what many of them. -- the storm are cutting their cable -- and moving ...

Sandy exposes gaps in wireless system during emergency
Washington Post (blog)
People congregate in front of a building that still has wireless internet access in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in New York Oct. 30. (BRENDAN MCDERMID - REUTERS) The leap toward wireless and digital phone service may be setting Americans behind ...

SEMA Supercharges with Record Number of Exhibitors
TSNN Trade Show News (blog)
Burning rubber, work-of-art rides and a Hackathon were just part of the action at the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) Show that took place Oct. 30-Nov. 2 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The anchor of the Automotive Aftermarket ...

MIT researcher develops algorithm to identify Twitter trends before Twitter can
Topics that are trending on Twitter generate huge amounts of traffic and have the potential to generate serious profits for companies able to take advantage of trending terms. A researcher from MIT claims to have developed a new algorithm that is able to...


Google Search and Maps now display Amber Alerts
Google announced on Wednesday that it had partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to include Amber Alerts in the Search and Maps components of its platform. The alerts, which provide information on abducted youth, will ...

Antarctic marine parks put on ice
The Australian
The global body charged with conserving Antarctic marine life, meeting in Hobart, failed to adopt two plans for the planet's largest marine protected areas covering more than four million square kilometres of ocean. While the proponents -- Australia, France, ...

Apple Fixes WebKit Flaws in Safari 6.0.2, iOS 6.0.1
PC Magazine
Apple released an update addressing multiple security vulnerabilities in its Safari Web browser and iOS 6 mobile platform. The iOS 6 update fixed four security bugs in the kernel, WebKit and Passcode, according to Apple's security advisory released ...

Man carves tetris pumpkin for Halloween
Sky News Australia
An American man has carved a Halloween pumpkin that doubles as a version of the classic computer game Tetris. Computer programmer Nathan Pryor carved the grid, loaded it up with LED lights and dubbed it 'Pumpktris'. He then programmed the software ...

Sky News Australia

Management Mythos: Can Apple's success be decoded in mythological terms?
Economic Times
Devdutt Pattanaik I really admire Apple as a company, for the late Steve Jobs' leadership, the great product portfolio that they have, the marvelous brand recall, and cult following that they have managed to build over the years. Everybody knows what they are ...

Economic Times

Google Search App Vs. Apple Siri: 8 Questions
Google has updated its search app for iPhone and iPad, and based on a limited set of comparable queries, the updated software matches or exceeds Siri, Apple's voice search software of recent model iOS devices. Version 2.5 of Google Search App answers ...

IDC: Android Ships on Three-Quarters of Q3 Smartphones
PC Magazine
Android Birthday Cake. It was a very happy fourth birthday for Google's Android as the mobile operating system took a 75 percent share of smartphone shipments in the third quarter of 2012, according to IDC. The Android platform, which Google acquired back ...

Rosetta Stone, Google Settle Search Trademark Suit
PC Magazine
Rosetta Stone. Google has settled a lawsuit with language-learning company Rosetta Stone over Google's alleged use of Rosetta Stone trademarks in its sponsored links. In a Wednesday statement, Rosetta Stone and Google said they have agreed to ...

Merc A45 AMG: First official pictures
Independent Online
These are the first official photographs of the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG, the first 'compact' model from Affalterbach, and we are assured that these are the real thing even though the car in the picture is still partially camouflaged for road testing. And no, Cyril, it ...

Independent Online

The Video Game Industry Is Finally Taking a Stand Against Sexist Jerks
Slate Magazine (blog)
In an interview with Gamespot ahead of the release of the widely anticipated game Halo 4, 343 Industries head Bonnie Ross and Halo 4 Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill both strongly denounced the rampant misogynistic slurs and bullying that happen on ...

Slate Magazine (blog)

Did Microsoft Steal The Live Tile design?
Microsoft is being sued over the ideas behind the company's entire visual identity, which is the base functionality of their new operating systems. The lawsuit is about the "live tiles" on the Windows Phone and Windows 8 interface. Two years ago, while ...

This Assassin's Creed III: Liberation Glitch Created an Anti-Gravity Alligator
I like the portable Assassin's Creed game a lot. But it clearly could have spent more time in development. One bug I encountered had an alligator spawn about five feet in the air. That didn't stop me from killing it, though, which left its sad carcass floating aloft ...

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