08 November 2012

iPad Mini Retina rumor

iPad Mini Retina rumor arrives early
@Drpixel - Get off your backside and do the 1-minute google search for all the whining from hypocrites like you about criticizing Apple for their 1-year product cycle. iMacs, iPads, iPhones, etc... My statement stands. I will not debate you on on such ...

Product Questions and Threats of Higher Tax Hit Apple Shares
New York Times
Apple's forward price-to-earnings ratio — the value of the company's stock divided by its expected earnings per share for the coming year — is just under 10. That figure is 14 for Google, 32 for Facebook and 131 for Amazon. Steve Dowling, a spokesman ...

DC selling digital comics through Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble
Los Angeles Times
In a move that could provide a boost to the small but growing digital comic book business, DC Comics has signed deals to sell comics through online stores owned by Apple, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Previously, comic book readers could only buy digital ...

Google's Nexus 4: To buy or not to buy?
Computerworld (blog)
I've been using the device full-time for the past week, and aside from being Google'sbest hardware effort to date, the Nexus 4 is hands-down the best overall Android smartphone experience and value you can get your hands on right now. The phone isn't...

Computerworld (blog)

Microsoft Folds Windows Live Messenger Into Skype
Microsoft announced Tuesday that it is retiring Windows Live Messenger and allowing those customers to instead use Skype, in an effort to make Skype the company's main instant messaging software. This means that consumers can sign in using their ...

Amazon reportedly bringing Kindle to China
Citing an unnamed source close to Amazon China, a QQ Tech report Thursday said the U.S. company may launch its Kindle e-reader and tablet in China as early as this month. Another source noted support for a Chinese language Kindle also is in the ...

AT&T drafts behind Microsoft's Windows 8 media blitz
AT&T is looking for another viable operating system so it isn't so reliant on Apple and Google'sAndroid. The vendors have their own reasons to root for success. Nokia has bet the farm on the success of Windows Phone, while HTC is looking for a spark ...

Apple's Software Boss Takes a Seat at Ferrari's Table
Wired (blog)
Automakers are lining up behind tech companies like Microsoft and Cisco in a scramble to bring connectivity to cars. Apple is working with General Motors, Honda, Toyota and others to bring Siri to your dashboard, but is in many ways playing catchup to ...

Wired (blog)

Microsoft's investment in Brazil to spur Rio research boom-execs
BRASILIA Nov 7 (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp will invest 200 million reais ($100 million) in a new research center in Rio de Janeiro, executives said on Wednesday, helping Brazil's push to generate high-tech jobs in an economy long built on commodities ...

Is this what Microsoft Office for iOS looks like? — Apple News, Tips ...
By Erica Ogg
On Wednesday The Verge posted new screenshots that it says depict Microsoft's mobile version of Office for iOS. Though screenshots have circulated on the web before, these particular images are new. (Click the link above to see them.) ...

U.S. Court Orders Apple To Pay $368 Million Damages For ...
By Natasha Lomas
It also notes that VirnetX has previously secured a $200m settlement from Microsoft over similar claims. ... Apple's recent legal woes include a U.S. judge dismissing a patent licensing case against Motorola Mobility, a U.K. court sticking by a ruling that Samsung's Galaxy Tab tablets do not infringe the design of the iPad, and a Dutch court ruling that Samsung ... Download the TechCrunch App for iPad in the Apple App Store · Download the TechCrunch App for Android in Google Play ...

What's Wrong with Google's New Search Page Design
By Harrison Weber
Minimalism has become a highly valued design trait to the mainstream, partially thanks to Bauhaus and Swiss Style-influenced companies like Apple. But minimalism isn't about under-utilized space, and that's what Google is providing its ...
The Next Web

Apple notifies MobileMe members of iCloud.com email options ...
By Steven Sande
As one of the many people who purchased a MobileMe subscription in years past, you've probably already made the transition to iCloud and haven't looked back. In July of 2012, Apple noted during iOS 6 beta testing that new icloud.com ...
TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Did Apple use $2 billion to bail out Sharp last quarter? - Apple 2.0 ...
By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
Explaining a curious discrepancy in Apple's projected and actual capital expenditures Sharp's Kameyama LCD manufacturing plant FORTUNE -- Sharp was in serious trouble last summer. It had hemorrhaged 103 billion yen ($1.3 billion) in ...
Fortune Tech: Technology blogs,...

Researcher Confirms Sony PlayStation 3 Remains Banned In China
Leading research firm Niko Partners has released its latest report on video games in China. The Chinese Games Industry Regulations and Policy Report, which is co-produced by Pilar Legal, addresses the challenges that remain for game companies ...


Sony network strategy chief quits
Financial Times
Sony's network strategy chief, Tim Schaaff, who was headhunted from Apple as part of Sony's effort to compete with the US group in online music and video distribution, has resigned after seven years. Sony said on Thursday that Mr Schaaff, 52, would retire ...

AT&T to Reimburse Grandfathered Subscribers Wrongly Kicked Off Plans
AT&T, after the FCC found it to have wrongly transitioned some customers to new plans, will reimburse those customers and pay the FCC $700,000. AT&T has acknowledged that in 2009 it wrongly began switching some customers who were entitled to remain ...


NASA text messages tell you how to see space station
NASA just made it easier to catch a glimpse of the International Space Station — the largest manmade structure in space — as it soars across the night sky. The best part: no telescope required. The space agency has launched a new free service called "Spot...


Office for iOS/Android rumor gets teeth: Subscription model hinted
Office for iOS/Android rumor gets teeth: Subscription model hinted. Summary: According to new information Microsoft is readying Office for the iOS and Android platforms. The report hints at a subscription model for the software that may not fly with iOS and ...

NASA may unveil manned moon missions soon, experts say
Fox News
NASA is serious about sending astronauts back to the moon's neighborhood and will likely unveil its ambitious plans soon now that President Barack Obama has been re-elected, experts say. The space agency has apparently been thinking about setting up a ...

Bond guru predicts Apple's stock price will fall to $425
A noted bond investor expects Apple stock to continue its downward slide for a while, saying that the company seems to have lost its ability to innovate. Jeffrey Gundlach, the CEO and co-founder of investment firm Doubleline Capital, told CNBC today he ...

Twitter survives election after Ruby-to-Java move
Micro-blogging site Twitter experienced record traffic as the results of the 2012 US Presidential election were announced on Tuesday night, but the service never faltered despite the increased load – something Twitter engineers credit to the company's move ...

Scientists: Humans had Advanced Tools 71000 Yrs Ago
Fox News
Modern humans were making sophisticated stone tools at least 71,000 years ago, according to an article in the November issue of Nature based on excavations in South Africa. The long, thin blades were found at Pinnacle Point, which lies near Mossel Bay ...

Is Samsung Moving Away from Apple or Moving Closer?
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Tech industry watchers took notice of a recent media report that Samsung Electronics Co. was cutting back on some components including liquid crystal displays for Apple Inc. , an idea that Samsung rebutted. Teardown reports of Apple's new iPad Mini last ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Britax Recalling Child Safety Seats for Possible Choking Hazard
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Britax, a maker of children's safety seats and boosters for use passenger cars, said it is recalling certain convertible child restraints with the Boulevard 70 G3, Advocate 70 G3 and Pavilion 70 G3 model names. The company said the seats, which were made...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

New Prosthetic Hand Has Sweet Skills, Terminator Looks
Wired (blog)
Nigel Ackland lost half his arm in an accident six years ago. But now he's got a carbon-fiber prosthetic arm that is strong enough to grip a beer yet gentle enough to clutch an egg. The prosthesis is called the BeBionic3 myoelectric hand and is made by a British ...

Best Buy releases Black Friday 2012 preview ad: Laptop, desktop, tablet PC deals
Not only do we have Black Friday ads, but now we also are getting Black Friday "preview" ads. For instance, Best Buy has just released a 22-page preview of its Black Friday deals that apparently is just a portion of its offerings for the most-hyped shopping day ...


Climate change threat to Arabica coffee crops
BBC News
Climate change could severely reduce the areas suitable for wild Arabica coffee before the end of the century. That is the conclusion of work by a UK-Ethiopian team published in the academic journal Plos One. It supports predictions that a changing climate ...

BBC News

What Apple Should Be Doing With ARM - And It's Not Macs
What Apple Should Be Doing With ARM - And It's Not Macs. Apple is reportedly exploring ways to move its line of Mac computers from Intel's x86 processors over to ARM chips. For a variety of reasons, that's not.


Samsung Galaxy S3 beats iPhone as Apple preps component fight back
Computerworld (blog)
Samsung secured victory over Apple [AAPL] in Q3, exploiting pent-up iPhone 5 demand to briefly become the world's biggest smartphone model maker; now fresh reports claim Tim Cook's company intends taking strategic control of the means of production of ...

Bethesda: Skyrim DLC for PS3 'close'
The wait for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim add-on content for PlayStation 3 appears to be coming to a close. A tweet from Bethesda last night said the company is "close" to bringing the missing downloadable content to PS3, as well as PC. "To update: we're also ...

PlayStation: The Official Magazine goes under
TG Daily
If you're a fan of the Sony PlayStation game consoles, you may have (had) a subscription to PlayStation: The Official Magazine (PSM). The magazine is owned by a large publishing company called Future US, which has apparently decided to officially ...

Google Wallet's Newest Innovation: A Plastic Mobile Wallet Credit Card
In what seems like a strange step backward in the mobile payment space, Google Wallet is close to launching a physical plastic card, according to Mobile Payments Today. So much for all the oracles predicting the imminent fall of cash and plastic. The card ...

Linkpost | 11.8.2012
Houston Chronicle (blog)
T-Mobile makes three more cities iPhone-friendly with 4G – Houston, along with Baltimore and Washington, D.C., now let you bring an unlocked iPhone to T-Mobile's network and access its HSPA+ data network. • Samsung's Galaxy S III overtakes the iPhone ...

Foxconn warns over iPhone 5 supply
TG Daily
Employer of the year Foxconn has admitted it can't keep up with demand for the iPhone 5, saying it's shipping 'far fewer' than requested. The problem is, apparently, that demand is higher than expected and the device too fiddly to put together easily ...

TG Daily

Pixar renames main building after Steve Jobs
CHICAGO (MarketWatch) -- Pixar Animation Studios has renamed its main building at its Emeryville, Calif. headquarters after the late Apple Inc. (US:aapl) co-founder Steve Jobs, who gave the company a critical infusion of cash in its early days. According to ...

RIM Says BB10 Wins Key Government Certification
Research In Motion this morning said that the BlackBerry 10 platform has been certified for use by government agencies. More specifically, the company has been “FIPS 140-2″ certified. The company says that the certification will allow government agencies ...

Free Zone, Google For The Developing World, Launched For 'Next Billion Users ...
Huffington Post
By Jeremy Wagstaff SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Google launched a service on Thursday it hopes will push millions of people in the developing world to access the Internet - and Google's ads - via basic mobile phones. Google is launching the service, called ...

Sauroniops Pachytholus: T. Rex-Like Dinosaur Species Named For 'Lord Of The ...
Huffington Post
Paleontologists have announced the discovery of a meat-eating dinosaur—as big as a Tyrannosaurus rex—that roamed North Africa 95 million years ago. But this predator isn't notable just for its singular size—it's also got unusual name to match. In a paper ...

Google Search's New Look Leaves Room for Answers
If you haven't already, you may soon notice that Google searches look different. Google is now rolling out a new version of search results pages for desktop web browsers. In terms of page layout, it's arguably the biggest change since 2010, when Google ...


Ferrari adds Apple star Eddy Cue to board
Apple exec Eddy Cue has joined Ferrari's board of directors, with the famous Italian car company saying the web services expert will help the marque with its internet savvy. Cue – who has owned a Ferrari for the past five years – was announced as an ...


Found: The Earthiest New Planet Yet
They didn't use a space telescope, or a huge ground-based scope like the Keck or the Gemini, or even the sort of backyard telescope some planet-hunters rely on to gather evidence of alien worlds. Instead, a team of European and American astronomers ...


On cyber defense, U.S. 'stuck at the starting line'
The head of the National Security Agency said the U.S. has the technical capability to secure its networks from cyber threats, but until Congress takes action on cybersecurity legislation, security improvements are stopped in their tracks. Gen. Keith Alexander ...

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 And Diablo 3 Publisher Activision Reports $3.4 Billion ...
Activision reported its earnings for the third quarter of its current fiscal year and announced that it has earned $841 million in net revenue, including a digital revenue of $427 million. The quarter beat the company's estimates by over $100 million and ...


Dracut Baby Becomes Internet Sensation After Open Heart Surgery
CBS Local
DRACUT (CBS) – Type “ridiculously good looking surgery baby,” into your search engine and you'll find hundreds of links to the picture of a 3-month old Dracut boy named Baby Joey. “I started taking the picture and Joe was next to him playing with him and ...

CBS Local

VIDEO: The 2013 Maserati Quattroporte Gets DETAILED, Front To Back
These four videos are to help paint a better picture of what Maserati is trying to attempt with the launch of its all-new product. And we have to say, it's definitely ambitious as its Chief Executive Officer, Harald Wester, says that the legendary marque is looking to ...

Waze begins monetization push with location-guided ads
Crowd-sourced navigation app Waze is launching its own ad platform, allowing advertisers to insert ads that users can see on their maps and search results when they navigate to their destination. Waze believes these “location-guided” ads can succeed ...


iPad Mini contains $188 in parts
Nashville Business Journal (blog)
Disassemble an iPad Mini and you're left with about $188 worth of parts, The Wall Street Journal reports. Market research firm IHS released a study Monday of its findings from a tear-down of the new iPad Mini. The estimated $188 for components makes up ...

Facebook Gives Pages Manager For IOS A Slight Upgrade
Facebook Gives Pages Manager For IOS A Slight Upgrade · Justin Lafferty on November 7, 2012 5:56 PM. Facebook is continuing to upgrade its mobile applications. The site announced another update Wednesday, this one for the stand-alone Pages ...

Microsoft's Big Hidden Windows 8 Feature: Built-In Advertising
Hot Hardware
Despite the fact that I've been using Windows 8 for the past three weeks, I somehow managed to overlook a rather stark feature in the OS: ads. No, we're not talking about ads cluttering up the desktop or login screen (thankfully), but rather ads that can be ...

Hot Hardware

Verizon Waives Voice, Text Charges for Sandy Victims
PC Magazine
Verizon Wireless has announced that it is waiving charges for domestic voice and text usage for customers in areas of New York and New Jersey that were severely affected by Hurricane Sandy. Affected Verizon customers won't be billed for their voice and ...

Apple's shares slide 4 percent to five-month low
Stock down more than 20 percent from record in September. * Uncertainty over management, market share in near term. SAN FRANCISCO Nov 7 (Reuters) - Shares of Apple Inc slid almost 4 percent on Wednesday to a five-month low, outpacing the U.S. ...

Google Nexus 4 deep-dive review: Android at its best
Computerworld - Google's Nexus devices are meant to be the Holy Grail of Android technology -- pure representations of the platform that show just how good its user experience can be. With its new Nexus 4 phone, available November 13, Google offers its ...


AT&T execs are confident about spectrum position
AT&T execs are confident about spectrum position. Executives at investor conference today say company has regrouped since losing its bid to buy T-Mobile last year and can keep up with wireless spectrum demands now and in the future. Marguerite ...

Internet data usage jumps; Netflix makes up one-third of bandwidth use
Washington Post
Internet data usage in the U.S. has continued to rise, jumping 120 percent in the past year. That's according to a study from Sandvine, an analysis firm that releases an annual report on the world's data networks. The report also underscored a rise in online ...

Ford has prettiest, affordable hybrid car
The Associated Press
By By ANN M. JOB, For The Associated Press – 13 hours ago. Who says that fuel-thrifty gasoline-electric hybrid cars have to be snub-nosed, rounded and ho-hum to look at? Not designers at Ford Motor Co., whose 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid is arguably the ...

The Associated Press

Obama finally talks climate change; green industry wants more
Los Angeles Times
Jacquie Ayala, left, and Amanda Lawrence stand in a flooded street in Miami Beach. After skirting the issue for much of the election, President Obama discussed global warming in his acceptance speech. (Joe Raedle / Getty Images) ...

Review: Addictive 'Need for Speed Most Wanted' will drive you crazy
San Jose Mercury News
"Need For Speed Most Wanted" is the devil. It's a spawn of Satan that has bubbled up from the pits of hell. It tortures you. It makes you scream in frustration. And fortunately or unfortunately -- depending on how you feel about masochism -- it's utterly addictive.

VirnetX Holding Corp (VHC) Jumped To A 3-Month High After Court Ruling
RTT News
VirnetX Holding Corp (VHC: Quote) announced Wednesday that a district court of Texas has awarded the company over $368 million in punitive damages in a case against Apple (APPL) for infringing four VirnetX patents. VirnetX Holding gapped open sharply ...

Adobe fixes 7 serious flaws with Flash update
Adobe Systems has pushed seven security updates to its Flash Player to protect users from remote attacks, memory corruption and system crashes. The move came one week ahead of Microsoft's monthly "Patch Tuesday," which will provide the same ...

'AC III' plays patriot games
Longview News-Journal
... Font Size: Default font size: Larger font size. 'AC III' plays patriot games. HOEP. 'AC III' plays patriot games. This video game image released by Ubisoft shows an assassin fleeing across the rooftops of colonial New York in a scene from "Assassin's Creed III.

Experts warn of Adobe Reader X zero-day
SC Magazine UK
A zero-day flaw that can be used as a vector to bypass sandboxing in Adobe Reader X and XI has been circulating on cyber crime forums, according to Russian forensics company Group-IB. The flaw is advertised for sale for between $30,000 and $50,000, ...

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