06 August 2012

New Mars rover to land in intriguing giant crater

New Mars rover to land in intriguing giant crater
Atlanta Journal Constitution
AP PASADENA, Calif. — The latest Mars destination is a giant crater near the equator with an odd feature: a mountain rising from the crater floor. This undated image made available by NASA shows Mars' Gale Crater, looking south.

Atlanta Journal Constitution 

Apple Tech Support Gave Attackers Access to Journalist's iCloud
PC Magazine
By Sara Yin Last week, attackers socially engineered Apple tech support to hack into a Wired writer's iCloud account, wiping out the journalist's iPhone, iPad, and Macbook Air, as well as compromising his Gmail and Twitter accounts. 

Inventor of Web hopes Olympics can lead to 'beautiful' understanding
CNN International
The founder of the World Wide Web may not be the world's most prolific micro-blogger -- but Tim Berners-Lee's "This is for everyone" tweet at the Olympic opening ceremony set the tone for what has been dubbed the first "social media Games.

Scientist on Mars orbiters to speak in Wilmington
Sacramento Bee
AP WILMINGTON, NC -- A scientist who worked on the Mars orbiters is scheduled to speak about his work to an astronomy group. The StarNews of Wilmington reports (http://bit.ly/RewNP1) that Dr. R. Todd Clancy speaks Sunday to the Cape Fear Astronomical ...

Apple reportedly in talks to buy small social commerce site
The goal of acquiring The Fancy, Business Insider reports, is to beef up its position in the growing e-commerce arena. by Steven Musil Apple is in talks to acquire social commerce site The Fancy to further entrench its position in the growing ...

Should pro gamers be considered athletes?
(CNN) -- Should the world's best video game players -- those who earn six figures and play professionally -- be considered athletes? Are they on par with Olympians? People who read CNN's recent story on pro gaming and gaming addiction in South Korea ...

Apple's Jobs was open to making smaller iPad: executive
Sydney Morning Herald
Steve Jobs was receptive to Apple making a smaller tablet, a senior executive said in a 2011 email revealed on Friday in the US, fanning speculation that Apple plans to make a mini-iPad and take on Google and Amazon products.

Sydney Morning Herald

Emmy-winning journalist loves his Roadmaster Wagon
McPherson Sentinel
By Greg Zyla Q: Greg, loved your report on the 1990s Roadmasters. Great stuff! My wife and I own one, and it has become something of a celebrity in Connecticut. It's been shown on television, and I blog about it now and then (see ...

The Chaos Within Sudoku - A Richter Scale
iProgrammerSudoku is a fun problem, but how hard is any particular puzzle? Now we have the answer based on measuring the chaos inherent in a grid. This gives a Richter scale for Sudoku. A pair of computer scientists from the Babe s-Bolyai University (Romania) and ...

Beekeepers keeping busy trying to save habitats
Denver Post
By Bruce Finley Beekeepers Allen and Debbie Brown last week tend to one of their many beehives that they maintain at DeLaney Community Farm in Aurora. The couple use the bees to help pollinate the vegetables, flowers and other plants at the farm.

Newspaper says Caltrans found problems with tests
Union Democrat
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- A Caltrans engineering team has uncovered a broader range of problems with the safety testing of roadways and bridges in California, including tests of work performed on the eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay ...

Scientists solve the mystery of singing elephants (+video)
The Petri Dish
Article updated at 6:10 pm EDT with a National Geographic video of elephants playing in a Botswana watering hole. Scientists at the University of Vienna believe that they have solved the mystery of singing elephants. The team of voice researchers and ...

The Petri Dish

Life On Mars? Try One Of Saturn's Moons Instead
When it comes to the search for life beyond Earth, most of the focus is in on Mars. But a growing number of scientists are looking at Saturn's moon, Enceladus, instead. That's because that moon has water and organic materials that are the building ...

Pong Indie Developer Challenge Winners Show How To Bring A Legendary Classic ...
Announced in February, the Pong Indie Developer Challenge was an open call for independent software developers to prove if they had what it takes to reinvent a decades old classic. However, this isn't about just any longstanding title, ...


Consumer Cellular hires former T-Mobile workers
BEND, Ore. (AP) — The CEO for Consumer Cellular says the company has hired about 45 T-Mobile call center employees as it prepares to open its own call center in Redmond. The Redmond T-Mobile USA Call Center closed in June at a cost to the city of about ...

PlanetSide 2 Beta Starts Tomorrow
The Koalition
After countless delays, Sony Online Entertainment has finally confirmed that the PlanetSide 2 Beta will begin on Monday, August 6th. This news comes straight from John Smedley who tweeted the following: Looking like it's going to be Monday at 2pm for ...

Rockies, other geography made Canada's West a dinosaur hot bed
Montreal Gazette
Western Canada's remarkable dinosaur riches, a scientific wonder and tourism magnet for Alberta as well as parts of Saskatchewan and BC, can be traced in large part to the birth of the Rocky Mountains and other geological forces that combined to create ...

Final Fantasy VII taken off Square Enix Online Store
Related topics Final Fantasy VII final fantasy square enix PC Video Games final fantasy 7 A few short hours ago if one were so inclined to log into the Square Enix Online Store and peruse its offerings, one would find Final Fantasy VII available for ...

New iPhone 5 release date details: Features and price rumors for Apple iPhone 5
Related topics iPhone 5 release date iPhone 5 iphone 5 details iPhone 5 Rumors iPhone 5 release iPhone 5 news As Apple fans continue to search for iPhone 5 release date details, and there are plenty of rumors to sort through about the 6th generation ...


Five nifty Web sites where data-crunching helps you predict winner of ...
The Hillsdale Daily News (blog)
By Pat Cunningham If you're serious about trying to handicap the upcoming presidential election, the one thing you don't want to do is base your prediction on the sentiments of people in your social or occupational circles.

Bilingual children are more alert and creative: study
Business Standard
PTI / London August 05, 2012, 18:35 Switching from one language to another while in a conversation can help children in problem solving and enhance creativity, researchers have claimed. Researchers from the University of Strathclyde in the UK claim ...

A massage parlour, dance studio and rooftop garden: It's not a luxury resort ...
Daily Mail
By Ian Garland This isn't the description of a luxurious five-star resort. It's internet megalith Google's spectacular new London HQ. The 160000 square foot space in Covent Garden is so packed with distractions to drag workers away from their desks, ...

Daily Mail

Android Apps Of The Week: Slices, Perfectly Clear, and More
Gizmodo UK
It's time for a new round of the week's best Android apps. This week there's a easy photo editor for your phone, a new Twitter client, a way to find new apps, and more. Fire up the Google Play store. Perfectly Clear: No matter how powerful smartphone ...

Gizmodo UK

Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel Announced By EA
Tech Gadgets Web (blog)
Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel has been announced by the gaming giant; Electronic Arts (EA). This will be their third installment in the Army of Two franchise and is to be developed by Visceral. The game uses the Frostbite 2 engine from Dice and it is ...

Tech Gadgets Web (blog)

AMD hires Apple platform architect to head processor group
Australian Macworld
Advanced Micro Devices has lured Jim Keller from his role as platform architect at Apple to head its processor group as the struggling company tries to reshape its chip strategy and stem a loss in processor market share. Keller was part of the Apple ...
Raising the standard for technology services | SeacoastOnline.com
Once again this week, as in years past, I am attending the CompTIA Breakaway conference, held this year in Las Vegas. It seems counterintuitive to leave our beautiful Seacoast in the middle of the summer and head to the dreadfully hot ...
Business Headlines SeacoastOnline.com

Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center to manage Microsoft hardware
By Martin Brinkmann
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PwC: Coming disruptions and opportunities across Technology Sector
By Rob Starr, Big4.com
By Rob Starr, Content Manager, Big4.com Based on a four-part framework that spans enabling technologies, new technological capabilities, new use cases and new business models, the PwC Mobile Innovations Forecast MIF is aimed at ...
Is Twitter a Media or Technology Company? - NYTimes.com
In a meeting at The New York Times, Dick Costolo, the chief executive officer of Twitter, discussed the company's advertising and media strategy. Read more...
BBC News - Facebook has more than 83 million illegitimate accounts
Facebook estimates that more than 83 million of its 955 million active accounts do not represent real unique users.

How to watch the Mars rover landing - Technology & Science - CBC ...
Excitement among space enthusiasts is growing as NASA prepares to land its Mars Science Laboratory robot Curiosity on the red planet this weekend.

Information Technology and Libraries
Information Technology and Libraries publishes material related to all aspects of information technology in all types of libraries. Topic areas include, but are not ...

Mobile / Technology firms often don't consider recent grads when ...
A survey of 148 New Jersey technology companies released earlier this month by the New Jersey Technology Council found that the biggest obstacles they face ...

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