26 August 2012

How Will Samsung, Apple Patent Verdict Affect Android

How Will Samsung, Apple Patent Verdict Affect Android?
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius Shortly after a California jury handed down a billion-dollar patent judgment against Samsung in favor of Apple, the chatter quickly turned to how this might affect Google's Android operating system. "I think the next Android update ...

The Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine: paper sketchbooks and journals get ...
By Billy Steele posted Aug 25th 2012 9:30AM Evernote has trotted out an update to its iOS app and accompanied the software release with an announcement of a collaboration with Moleskine. Yes, you read that correctly. The digital note-taking application ...

New NASA video captures drama of Curiosity rover's Mars landing
AP | Updated: August 25, 2012 18:32 IST Pasadena, California: Viewers can now relive the drama of the Curiosity rover's landing on Mars with a new NASA video detailing the final moments of touchdown. The space agency on Thursday posted the video on its ...


Guggenheim Architect To Design Facebook HQ's New 3400-Employee Tree-Topped ...
Share price be damned, Facebook is expanding. It's just announced that Guggenheim Museum architect Frank Gehry will design a 3400 employee engineering office connected to its Menlo Park Headquarters by an underground tunnel. Engineers will hack away in ...


Storms spoil NASA's 2nd launch bid for satellites
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- Thunderstorms have ruined NASA's second attempt to launch a pair of science satellites. For the second day in a row, NASA had to halt the countdown for its Radiation Belt Storm Probes. Lightning and thick storm clouds prevented ...


Is the new Amazon Kindle Fire on the way? (+video)
Christian Science Monitor
Amazon has issued invitations to a press event on Sept. 6, out in Los Angeles. The e-commerce giant isn't specifying exactly what will happen at the event, but smart money says that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will likely use the occasion to unveil a new ...

Christian Science Monitor

Microsoft's New Logo: Coming to a Storefront Near You
PC Magazine
By John C. Dvorak The new Microsoft logo first showed up in a blog post by Jeff Hansen, the general manager of brand strategy at Microsoft. He wrote: It's been 25 years since we've updated the Microsoft logo and now is the perfect time for a change.

Which Apple features are Samsung accused of copying?
BBC News
A US court has ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1.05bn (£665m) in damages after upholding allegations that several Samsung devices had infringed Apple's intellectual property, including design patents and some functionality. Samsung has promised to appeal ...

BBC News

Google Easter Egg Adds Emotions to 'I'm Feeling Lucky' Button
PC Magazine
By Stephanie Mlot The search giant got a little extra creative this week, replacing its "I'm Feeling Lucky" search button with other emotional options, including artistic, wonderful, and hungry – the most popular answer in a recent Google user poll.

Amazon Adds Hundreds Of Award-Winning TV to Amazon Prime With NBC Agreement
The Droid Guy
With Nexus 7 proving to be quite the competitor against the Kindle Fire, the Fire is going to need every advantage possible, especially if they decide to create a successor. Amazon just announced today that they will be adding hundreds of popular TV ...

The Droid Guy

Guild Wars 2: Making MMOs more social, more accessible
Washington Post
Guild Wars 2 is set to come out on Tuesday, but players who pre-purchase the game before Saturday can get access to its “Head Start” program and play before the official release. A follow-up to the 2005 massively multiplayer online hit Guild Wars, ...

Will FaceTime on coming iPhone 5 crash LTE networks?
By Matt Hamblen Computerworld - Are the nation's LTE wireless carriers prepared for the video chat data crunch expected to come with the next-generation iPhone and other devices that are expected to launch this fall? The answer: It depends on whom you ...

Diesel's back in big Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes-Benz has brought back a diesel version of its big S-Class sedan to the US the first since the 1996 model. It seems odd that it waited so long to field a diesel for the S-Class that met US emissions rules, because Mercedes has been a diesel ...


Is AT&T slapping consumers in face over FaceTime?
Asbury Park Press (blog)
Apple's upcoming iOS 6 upgrade for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has some interesting new developments. Reportedly, it will allow users of FaceTime, Apple's video chat app installed on every iPhone and iPad, to use the service over cellular networks.

Private Space Plane to Launch from NASA's Kennedy Space Center
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Lured by more than $5.7 million in state and local economic incentives and a skilled work force looking for jobs following the retirement of the space shuttles, XCOR Aerospace plans to manufacture and fly Lynx suborbital vehicles ...

VMware Updates Fusion Products
VMware refreshes its Fusion products for running Windows VMs within Mac OS X, introduces Fusion Professional for multiple platform enterprises. By Michael Endler InformationWeek Virtualization heavyweight VMware has, to say the least, been busy lately.

Arctic Sea Ice At Record Minimum Ahead Of Melt-back Season
RTT News
(RTTNews) - On 22 August 2012, even before the expected season for minimal sea ice, Arctic sea ice coverage was less than it was in 2007, the year of the greatest sea ice melt-back on record. Minimal sea ice usually occurs in September just before the ...

On science, weigh qualifications
The Wenatchee World Online
By Juris Vagners The recent publication of two op-eds on global warming (aka climate change) has caused a flurry of activity in the blogosphere. Long-term global warming caused primarily by human activities is called anthropogenic global warming (AGW) ...

Alleged Complications May Lessen Next-Gen iPhone's Launch Supplies
A new report claims that shipments of Apple's next-generation iPhone are likely to be less than 15 million during the third quarter of this year. That's because there were alleged complications in producing the device. According to unnamed sources ...

Super Mario Clone World beats New titles with Atari graphics
This week it appears that one developer fan of Nintendo's hero series Mario has taken his love for the original to a whole new level – backwards. Atari Age forum member Sprybug has taken data from the original Super Mario Bros. from the original ...

Above it all: no red lights, no traffic
The Australian
IT could be the perfect ride for commuters hoping to emulate Luke Skywalker. A small Californian company has developed a "hover bike" that can zip along at 48km/h, floats about 1.5m off the ground and calls for roughly the same skills as riding a ...

Samsung grabs Kate Upton for Galaxy promotion
This month it's become apparent that the folks at Samsung brought on a couple of celebrity models to their recent NYC event for the Galaxy Note 10.1. Both models Irina Shayk and Kate Upton of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue fame were in attendance ...


Verizon's Spectrum Purchase Approved by FCC
The Droid Guy
Just yesterday, the FCC approved plans Verizon had to acquire spectrum licenses from SpectrumCo, which was a joint venture between Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks. Verizon will be using this spectrum to help continue enhancing and ...

The Droid Guy

Verizon to offer Windows 8 Phones this year
TG Daily
There will be a joint Microsoft-Nokia press event in New York on September 5, and although Verizon is not specifically named in the media invites, it is being reported that the carrier will be at least one of the companies sporting a new addition of ...

TG Daily

Kiss Your PC Goodbye
By Rick Aristotle Munarriz, The Motley Fool Your desktop -- and maybe even the shiny new laptop that you bought a few months ago -- are dinosaurs. There's been plenty of evidence suggesting that folks aren't warming up to PCs anymore.

WeWantApps! Launches to Help Find Apps for Kids
Techlicious (blog)
WeWantApps! (free in iTunes) is launching today to help parents find age-appropriate apps for kids 0-14 years old. Call it the quintessential app-finding . . . app. Available for free, WeWantApps! lets you select criteria like age, app platform (iPhone ...

Techlicious (blog)

First Milky Way galaxy "twins" found
CBS News
(SPACE.com) Our home galaxy may be special, but it's not one of a kind. For the first time, astronomers have discovered two far-flung galaxies that are a near-perfect match of our own Milky Way. Spiral galaxies like the Milky Way are common throughout ...

CBS News

Glasses-free 3D system in development
New optics research carried out by a South Korean team of investigators has raised the prospect of glasses-free, 3D display technology being introduced in commercial cinemas. The new technique has been outlined in a paper published by the Optical ...

Siemens flaw would require sophistication to exploit
CSO Magazine
A security flaw found in Siemens networking equipment used in power plants and other critical systems could only be fully exploited in a highly sophisticated attack, experts say. While the vulnerability remains serious, being able to gain control of ...

Opera-Singing Gibbons On Helium
Comedy Central UK
Japanese scientists have discovered that gibbons use the same vocal technique as sopranos, thanks to experiments with helium. Those experiments involved the gibbons inhaling helium, not the scientists, we should point out. One boffin did have a go, ...

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