31 August 2012

Tokyo Court Rejects Apple Patent Claim Against Samsung

Tokyo Court Rejects Apple Patent Claim Against Samsung
PC Magazine
By Adario Strange Following Apple's $1 billion patent win against Samsung in a US court last week, the tech industry has been closely watching the companies' other patent fights around the globe. Today a new patent judgment came down in one of Apple's ...

Production of iPhone Screens Delayed at Sharp
Wall Street Journal
By JURO OSAWA Japan's Sharp Corp. hasn't started mass producing screens for Apple Inc.'s next iPhone, a person with knowledge of the situation said Friday, raising questions about whether the US company will be able to secure enough components to meet ...
Wall Street Journal

Blue moon: When to watch lunar occurrence
Nation Newsday New York > News Print Aa Blue moon: When to watch lunar occurrence Originally published: August 31, 2012 8:53 AM Updated: August 31, 2012 8:55 AM By THE LOS ANGELES TIMES (MCT) The saying "once in a blue moon" refers to something that's ...


How many Kindle Fires did Amazon sell? 5M, maybe
The retail giant says the Fire captured 22 percent of all tablet sales during its lifetime. Asymco's Horace Dediu puts a hard number to that percentage. by Lance Whitney Amazon may have sold close to 5 million Kindle Fire tablet since the device ...

Blue Moon On Same Day As Armstrong Service
WFMY News 2
There's a rare blue moon today, a fitting wink to Neil Armstrong by the cosmic ... A law enforcement official says at least three people have died in a shooting ... James Holmes called a University switchboard in an attempt to reach his .

UK Boy finds rare whale vomit
See that goodly sized rock that the boy in the photograph below is holding? Yeah, it's not actually a rock. What the boy is holding is a gigantic chunk of whale vomit. Disgusting is it not? I can only imagine the boy's mother standing behind the ...


Who's Got the Cheapest iPhone Plan?
Yahoo! News Blogs (blog)
By Dan Schointuch | Money Talks News – 17 hours ago If you're thinking about getting an iPhone, you now have a choice between three major national carriers: AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. But each offers different plans at different prices.

Walmart Announces New Search Engine to Power Walmart.com
Sacramento Bee
By Walmart SAN BRUNO, Calif., Aug. 30, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Walmart today announced a new search engine for Walmart.com to help millions of shoppers browse, discover and purchase items in an easy, fast and intuitive manner.

Diet Pepsi formula getting a sweetener tweak
NEW YORK – Diet Pepsi is tweaking its formula to stay sweet a little longer. PepsiCo is testing a new mix of artificial sweeteners that lets the soda keep its taste for a longer period of time. The problem is that the current sweetener used in the soda ...

Labor Day weekend expected to be busy for travelers
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
By PAUL PAYNE Labor Day travelers won't be deterred this year by higher gas prices, the sputtering economy or even November's presidential elections. They'll be driving, flying and taking other modes of transportation in greater numbers than last year, ...

Musk says may form holding company for Tesla, SpaceX
Aug 31 (Reuters) - Elon Musk, the founder of electric carmaker Tesla Motors Inc and privately held Space Exploration Technologies, is weighing whether to establish a holding company that would own stock in both companies. Musk, answering questions at ...

Tip: Managing 'Notifications' on a Mac
Question: OS X Mountain Lion's new Notification Center is a little overwhelming. Is there any way I can turn off the messages for a while? Answer: One of the best new features in Mountain Lion is Notification Center. It alerts you of updates in your ...


Samsung Galaxy Note II price revealed via Vodafone Germany
Samsung announced the Galaxy Note II on Wednesday with much fanfare and the upgraded 'phablet' has already generated plenty of excitement. Now, we have the first bit of Samsung Galaxy Note II pricing information. The 16GB Samsung Galaxy Note II has ...

20 Best Android apps this week
The Guardian (blog)
This is the latest version of our now-weekly Android apps roundup, spotlighting the best new apps from the last seven days. It doesn't include games – they get a separate roundup. Meanwhile, the weekly iOS apps roundup can be found here.

The Guardian (blog)

Lift iPhone app review
Lift Free Lift Worldwide Jerry Seinfeld used to use a wall calendar to motivate himself to write jokes every day. According to software programmer Brad Isaac, who once asked the comedian for advice, for every day that Seinfeld sat down and wrote ...


Oracle Fixes Java Exploits Four Months After Hacker Flagged Bugs
By Jordan Robertson on August 31, 2012 Oracle Corp. (ORCL) issued an emergency fix today for vulnerabilities in its Java software about four months after it was warned about the bugs. The delay in providing a fix allowed more than 100000 computers to ...

VMware bounced from the OpenStack party
By Gavin Clarke • Get more from this author The inaugural board meeting of the new OpenStack delayed its decision on letting VMware join as a gold-level member because of time pressure, according to a report. OpenStack executive chairman Jonathan Bryce ...

No life on Mars: an eerie foretaste of Earth's future?
The Guardian (blog)
Between Knobel and Wien, south of the Aeolian Plain, to the west of the ditches of Cerberus, the mighty strata of Mount Sharp rise out of Gale Crater. None of these names have ever been spoken on Mars, where this photograph was taken by Nasa's ...

The Guardian (blog)

California to license self-driving cars
TG Daily
Californian senators have passed a bill that looks set to make the state the second in the US to approve self-driving cars on its roads. The bill was passed unanimously by state senators, and now hits the desk of governor Jerry Brown, who's expected to ...

TG Daily

A new view of Saturn
Washington Post
A giant of a moon appears before a giant of a planet undergoing seasonal changes in this natural-color view of Titan, left, and Saturn from NASA's Cassini spacecraft. Titan, Saturn's largest moon, measures 3200 miles across and is larger than the ...

The nature of the Kepler-47 system
Related topics Space Astronomy planet formation extrasolar planets extraterrestrial life On Wednesday, astronomers announced the discovery of two planets orbiting a binary star system known as Kepler-47. The star is 1500 parsecs away from Earth, ...


China's Baidu Strikes Back Against Web-Search Upstart
Wall Street Journal
By PAUL MOZUR BEIJING—A battle is emerging between Baidu Inc. and upstart Qihoo 360 Technology Inc., underlining the high stakes in China's growing Web-search market. Qihoo's emergence as a real player in search just a few weeks after unveiling its ...

Facebook To Roll Out Email- and Phone Number-Based Ad Targeting Next Week
Facebook will be launching new features next week that allow advertisers to target their ads to customers based on contact information that the advertiser has already collected. It's a way for businesses to connect their Facebook ads with the customer...


Famous Kids TV Scientist Bill Nye Slams Creationism
The People Speak Out
Famous TV scientist Bill Nye is making waves by slamming creationism on his new YouTube video, entitled "Creationism is Not Appropriate for Children." The video has already had over 1100000 views over the weekend since it went viral.

Acer Unveils Windows 8 Tablets, Ultrabooks
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius BERLIN - Acer today unveiled its Windows 8 lineup, which includes two ultrabooks, a tablet/PC hybrid, and a standalone tablet with its own docking cradle. The company's offerings, which will debut with the October release of Windows ...

Religious groups vie for new Web domain names
* Religions vie for names such as .church and .bible * Christians differ over who can use .catholic * Saudis oppose Islamic names, also .sex, .gay, .porn By Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor PARIS, Aug 31 (Reuters)- Centuries-old theological disputes have ...

NASA testing spacecraft's water impact in Va
Foster's Daily Democrat
HAMPTON, Va. (AP) — NASA is testing the water impact of the Orion spacecraft at its Langley Research Center in Hampton. The space agency says it is scheduled to test the impact of an 18000-pound test version of the spacecraft Thursday.

Astronomers discover sugar in space
Deutsche Welle
Astronomers have made a sweet discovery 400 light years away. They found sugar in the gas surrounding a star similar to the Earth's own sun. The sugar researchers found is likely to neither taste sweet nor be packed into a cube.

Deutsche Welle

Flipboard hits 20m user mark, adding one user per second
Times of India
LONDON: Popular social media magazine app for iPad now has 20 million users. The app has released an infographic to celebrate its birthday, which shows that the app is adding one new user per second. The San Francisco-based start up won consistent ...

Apple's Secret Employee Training Manual Revealed
The latest Genius Training Student Workbook for Apple sales staff landed in the hands of Gizmodo, which shared its spoils on Tuesday. It should be noted, however, that nowhere in the story does Gizmodo mention Apple confirming that the manual is ...

Another former LulzSec member charged with Sony Pictures attack
SC Magazine Australia
By Dan Raywood on Aug 30, 2012 11:53 AM An Arizona man, alleged to have been part of the hacktivist group LulzSec, has been charged with conspiracy and unauthorised impairment of a protected computer in the US. An Arizona man, alleged to have been part ...

Motorola RAZR HD global edition hits FCC with LTE included
By Brad Molen posted August 30th 2012 6:17PM The global edition of the still-unannounced Motorola Droid RAZR HD, also known as the XT925, was just seen getting FCC approval. This likely won't come as a shocker to many, since this device (alongside its ...

51% Of People Think Stormy Weather Affects 'Cloud Computing'
Business Insider
If there's a buzzword that's more soporific/confusing than "cloud computing" we're not sure what it is. A survey from Citrix confirms that we're not the only ones who feel this way. It surveyed 1000 people about cloud computing and found that 51 ...

Business Insider

NASA's Dawn spacecraft to leave giant asteroid Vesta for dwarf planet
Daily News & Analysis
NASA's Dawn spacecraft is set to become the first probe to orbit and study two distant solar system destinations, to help scientists answer questions about the formation of our solar system. The spacecraft is scheduled to leave the giant asteroid Vesta ...

Mysterious Wiper Malware Possibly Connected to Stuxnet and Duqu, Researchers Say
By Lucian Constantin, IDG-News-Service:Romania-Bureau Security researchers from Kaspersky Lab have uncovered information suggesting a possible link between the mysterious malware that attacked Iranian oil ministry computers in April and the Stuxnet and ...

Changes to campus-supported cellular service
UC Berkeley
Effective December 1, 2012, AT&T and Verizon Wireless will be the exclusive providers of cellular devices and plans offered through IST for University-owned cell phones. By reducing the number of cellular providers, IST is better able to streamline its ...

IFA 2012: Zagg unveils two Bluetooth keyboards for iPad
Mobile device accessories and technology company Zagg Inc. has unveiled a couple of Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad as well as a range of gaming headsets at IFA 2012 today. The keyboard accessories - the ZAGGkeys Pro and ZAGGkeys Pro Plus - have a ...

New AT&T flagship takes retail experience to the future
Retail Customer Experience
A new AT&T flagship store is set to open tomorrow on Chicago's Magnificent Mile and aims to give customers a one-of-a-kind retail experience. The flagship differs from the rest of AT&T's 2300 retail stores not only in size, but also in design and ...

Time Warner Cable tries out a gigabit network
Bizjournals.com (blog)
Time Warner Cable Inc.'s effort to build a 1-gigabit Internet network in the Big Apple doesn't fall far from Google Inc.'s fiber project in the Kansas Cities. Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) initially is concentrating on residential connections in Kansas City, ...

Hurricane may push fuel to brink of $4 gallon mark
Tri County Leader
BY DON TREUL Like Amanda Watkins, most drivers will likely find that it will take more money to fill up the tank in family vehicles this week. Leader Staff Photo/Don Treul The pain at the pump is getting harder and harder to deal with as gasoline ...

AMD's Jaguar touts four cores for mobile apps
EE Times India
Advanced Micro Devices is set to showcase its low-power, quad-core Jaguar processor at Hot Chips. A low-power x86 core targeted at notebooks, tablets and embedded systems, the Jaguar packs four x86 cores into one unit with a large shared L2 cache to ...

Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD will finally be available in September
Unwired View
By Vlad Bobleanta on 31 Aug 12 Huawei clearly has some work to do in terms of making the gap between announcement and release of its devices much, much smaller. The Chinese company unveiled the MediaPad 10 FHD tablet at MWC in February, yet right now ...

One More Special Edition Lamborghini Gallardo Planned
Lamborghini have one more special edition Gallardo to release before the current platform is retired. Car and Driver reveals that the Lamborghini designers will release one last special edition model this year, although it's not yet clear what it will ...


Google reacts to Apple's US patent victory over Samsung
Google has said that it does not want the ruling in the Apple-Samsung patent lawsuit to "limit" consumers' access to Android devices. A US jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple over $1bn (£664m) on Friday after ruling it had infringed several of the iPhone ...


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