19 January 2015

Xiaomi Smartphones Threaten Apple and Samsung (video)

Xiaomi's Rapid Rise to $45B Valuation Topping Uber: Xiaomi is Apple and Samsung’s rapidly growing threat. Now the world's third-largest smartphone maker, Xiaomi released its next phone on Thursday at an event in Beijing. Bloomberg's Cory Johnson looks at how just fast this company is growing. (Source: Bloomberg 1/15)

China's Xiaomi takes aim at Apple with new phone"...The Chinese manufacturer known for ultra-low-priced handsets on Thursday unveiled a new model that Chairman Jun Lei said is comparable to Apple's iPhone 6 but thinner, lighter and much cheaper. The phone starts at 2,299 yuan ($375), less than half the 5,288 yuan ($865) price of an iPhone 6 in China...."

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