02 January 2015

Internet Issues Doom Comcast Merger With Time Warner Cable (video)

Deals in 2014: Why $800B Is Still Pending - Comcast deal dead?

As we get ready to enter the new year, there are still $800 billion in corporate mergers and acquisitions that aren’t done yet.

As Comcast merger enters final phase, deal may be on thin ice —  "...“What makes Comcast unique is its power in three different facets — as a programmer, a distributor and an ISP.” Earlier this year, Comcast demanded that Netflix pay tolls to prevent its internet stream from being degraded. In the future, critics fear, a merger would make it easier for Comcast to exercise the same sort of control over a wide range of other over-the-top internet services, including a standalone HBO. Comcast could one day control online entertainment options in the same way that it currently controls TV channels. Such fears have led merger opponents to say the FCC or the Justice Department should step in not because of cable TV concentration, but to ensure that Comcast can’t monopolize broadband-based content...."

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