04 September 2011

One in six Macs run Lion

One in six Macs run Lion
Australian Macworld
One in six Macs now runs Apple's latest operating system, a Web metrics company said this week. According to California-based Net Applications, Mac OS X 10.7, aka Lion, accounted for one percent of all desktop operating systems that were used to ...
68 percent of European Xbox Live subscriptions purchased at retail
by Jordan Mallory on Sep 3rd 2011 1:30PM Despite living in a world where automatic renewal is a thing, a full two-thirds of European Xbox Live subscriptions are purchased at retail locations rather than online or through the console itself, ...
LIN Spat Sparks Salvo From Commisso
(Multichannel News Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) MEDIACOM COMMUNICATIONS'S REFUSAL to pay what it calls exorbitant rate hikes for LIN Media broadcast stations in five states is serving as a backdrop for chairman and CEO Rocco Commisso's ongoing quest for ...
Lenovo Announces a $199 Ideapad tablet
Tom's Guide
Pricing pressure in the tablet market will jump as Lenovo is readying a $199 entry-level tablet for the US market. The Ideapad A1 is not especially thin (0.5 inches) or light (0.88 pounds), but it scores big with a low price tag that includes a ...
iPhone 5 cases point to 4″ screen — bigger, thinner than iPhone 4
Cases already available for Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 suggest that it will feature a 4-inch screen, as well as a longer and thinner design than the iPhone 4, reports MacRumors. The cases seem to validate plenty of rumors from the past few months, ...
HP to split up WebOS business, report says
Hewlett-Packard will break up its WebOS business, sending the software component to a different part of the company, according to a report Saturday at PreCentral.net. HP's Palm phone. The hardware business will be absorbed by HP's Personal Systems...
Facebook Testing Translate Feature for Page Postings
PC Magazine
By David Murphy Que bueno. Facebook is allegedly working on a new real-time translate feature that will automatically convert others' posts into a user's default language at the press of a button. Or, in other words, Facebook's 750+ million worldwide ...
Smart TV makers and service providers converge on fresh standards
Financial Times
By Chris Nuttall in Berlin Fresh standards are being established for smart TVs as television manufacturers and service providers cater to increasing consumer demand for internet-delivered content and apps in the living room. ...
New memory card first with embedded wireless LAN link
The Independent
Toshiba Corp. has announced the launch of the world's first Secure Digital High-Capacity memory card that is complete with embedded wireless LAN functionality. The new card - named "FlashAir" - has a capacity of 8 gigabytes and supports peer-to-peer ...
Star Trek Online Goes Free
By McKinley Noble, GamePro Considering that the Federation doesn't use money, it seems somewhat fitting that Star Trek Online is going toward the free-to-play model later this year. According to Gamasutra, that's the direction that Cryptic Studios will ...
Corpse Party Heading to PSN
It has been announced that Corpse Party will be making its way to the PSP via the PSN. Not really looking on the bright side of life, the game focuses on a number of teens trapped in a haunted school. As you can tell from the trailer below, ...
NASA study links two wild weather events in Asia in Summer 2010
The Weather Space
(TheWeatherSpace.com) -- An abnormal Rossby wave has been blamed for two meteorological events in Russia and Pakistan during Summer of 2010. The Summer of 2010 was the worst heatwave to strike Russia in history. This heatwave produced $15 billion in ...
Iceberg 'twice the size of Manhattan' set to break off Greenland glacier
Daily News & Analysis
New findings have suggested that a huge chunk of ice from a Greenland glacier, almost double the size of Manhattan, is on the brink of breaking away. Jason Box, a climatologist with Ohio State Unversity's Byrd Polar Research Centre said it's not clear ...
Crimson: Steam Pirates 1.0.0
PC Advisor
By Mark Wilson | 03 September 11 Games of real depth are something that are sadly lacking from the iOS platform, but titles such as Crimson: Steam Pirates just go to show that there is scope for more serious gaming on Apple's portable devices. ...
A Teacher's Manifesto on Technology (Doug Johnson) | Larry ...
By larrycuban
I will enthusiastically embrace technology only when the following conditions have been met: Teaching students ... Technology use is supported by research showing it is more effective in teaching skills than traditional methods. Until there is ...
Larry Cuban on School Reform...
Sharif University of Technology to Host 4th Int'l Confab on ...
Abstract: Sharif University of Technology is scheduled to hold the 4th International Conference on Nanostructures (ICNS4) at its international college on Kish Island from March 12 to 14, 2012 in a move to create interaction between the Iranian ...
Nanotechnology Now Recent News
Ghacks August 2011 Best Of - gHacks Technology News
By Martin Brinkmann
August of 2011 has been an exciting month here at Ghacks. It is usually pretty quite here in the summer months, but not this time. Microsoft started their.
gHacks Technology News | Latest...
Use Technology To Find The Right Commercial Property For Sale
By guestauthor
A look at the way the Internet can be utilised by buyers of commercial property.
The Science and Technology of Gaming Continues to Evolve » Blog ...
Along with basic art training, gaming technology pictographs can be individually studied and critiqued. “We look at the work of others not because we want to copy it, ” reports Baggette Carnicelli, “but because we want to take away the best ...
The Science and Technology of...
Managing Change, or We Are Technology « Time Tells
By vmichael
Managing Change, or We Are Technology. By vmichael. Managing change is what the historic preservation/heritage conservation field does. It is not about preserving “the past” or old buildings but repurposing significant elements of the past ...
Time Tells
Technology: Convienent or Creepy? | Rocky Mountain Tracking
CNET did some investigation of Microsoft's Live.com, a “location database” that allows anyone to pinpoint the current location of any Wi-Fi access point.
Rocky Mountain Tracking

Lenovo: Samsung Galaxy Tab Sales 20K, not 2 Million
PC Magazine
By David Murphy So just how many units has Samsung sold of its seven-inch Galaxy Tab device? It's a good question, and executives from rival Lenovo think they have the answer: 20000, a figure well short of the one million units that Samsung first ...
Google+ Suggested User List Stirs Debate
By Christina DesMarais, PCWorld Sep 4, 2011 8:52 AM Google+ is promoting a popularity contest of sorts that isn't sitting well with some users of the social networking service. Google+ VP of Product Bradley Horowitz tweeted Friday that the service ...
U2 lead singer Bono defends Steve Jobs
Times of India
Irish rock band U2''s lead singer, Bono, has defended Apple's co-founder, Steve Jobs, after a columnist wrote that the billionaire businessman does not give enough to charity. The singer wrote in a letter in response to the New York Times article that ...
Apple Gives New VP Eddy Cue 100K Shares As Promotion Bonus
Social Barrel
After Eddy Cue was promoted by new CEO Tim Cook to senior vice president of Internet Software & Services, the company has reportedly given the veteran Apple executive 100000 restricted stock units in the company as a promotion bonus. ...
The closest supernova in three decades visible this Labor Day Weekend
ABC Action News
Astronomy fans, take a moment away from the barbecues and partying this Labor Day Weekend to feast your eyes on a supernova that's closer to the Earth than been in the last 30 years, Science 20 confirms. With binoculars or telescopes in hand, ...
Borderlands 2 Gameplay Footage Leaked
By Nick Winter | Sep 4, 2011 Some sneaky little gaming ninja has managed to film 14-minutes of actual Borderlands 2 gameplay, and then leak it onto the internet. The footage shows the FPS's new art style, menus, weapons, enemies and characters. ...
Sony Unveils Tablets S And P Models To Battle With Apple
Secaucus New Jersey News
Sony Corporation unveiled its first two tablets, the S and P models with some features that aim to challenge iPad rivals on August 31 – Wednesday. In a largest electronics show in Europe, Sony Corp. introduced Tablets S and P models. ...
Warning: Do Not Buy Your iPad At McDonalds!
The iPad Guide
Friendly warning: The iPad is not one of the items available on the McDonalds' value menu. Ashley McDowell, from Spartanburg, SC learned this the hard way after she bought a wooden iPad from a man with a gold tooth. McDowell was tempted by the man who ...
Laser project aims at controlling the weather and making clouds do what humans ...
The Weather Space
(TheWeatherSpace.com) -- Physicist Jerome Kasparian, of the University of Geneva, admits they can control clouds by pointing a laser into the sky. The system is called laser-assisted water condensation and could one day enable humans to decide where...

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