23 September 2011

Mobile web app more popular than iOS version

Financial Times: Mobile web app more popular than iOS version
A month after Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) App Store subscription restrictions prompted The Financial Times to scrap its iOS applications in favor of an HTML5-based mobile web app, the international business publication said more than 700000 users worldwide ...
Personalization at Core of Cellular South Rebranding
Billing World
America's eighth-biggest wireless company is changing its name. Effective Monday, Cellular South becomes C Spire Wireless. With approximately 1 million subscribers, Ridgeland, Miss.-based Cellular South offers service in the Magnolia State and parts of ...
Exclusive Max Payne 3 Story Q&A
Rockstar sheds some light on what Max has been up to these past few years and why he's found himself in Brazil. Like most high-profile sequels, the debut trailer for Max Payne 3 stirred up quite a strong reaction from fans of the series when it was ...
AMD's head of products exits
By Kate O'Flaherty CHIP DESIGNER AMD's head of products, Rick Bergman is leaving the company less than a month after the firm named a new CEO. Bergman is leaving the chip outfit to "pursue an opportunity at another company," AMD said. ...
FCC tells Cablevision to give FiOS MSG in HD
Long Island Business News
by John Callegari High definition feeds of MSG and MSG+ will soon finally be available to viewers with Verizon FiOS. The Madison Square Garden Co., which is controlled by the same principals who own Cablevision, had previously refused to offer HD feeds ...
iPhone 4S Cases Already Appearing at AT&T
Tom's Guide
AT&T is already receiving third-party cases from Speck and OtterBox for the upcoming iPhone 4S. As previously reported, Apple is slated to reveal something on or around October 4. Current Apple board member and former US Vice President Al Gore recently ...
Lindsey and Dave Meske
MyFox Chicago
Chicago - A Crystal Lake couple needs a name for their baby on the way so they've turned to Facebook for help. Lindsey and Dave Meske said they're letting everybody decide on what their daughter's name should be. It can't be just any name, however. ...
Yahoo News links with Facebook
Yahoo today announced a new feature that integrates with Facebook so people can easily see what Yahoo News articles their friends are reading and share with them what they read. The new Yahoo News Activity feature, which is opt-in, features a small ...
The Washington Post Launches Social Reader As a Newspaper For Facebook
The Social Reader application, built on Facebook's new Open Graph, offers users a personalized news reading experience, with front page stories pulled from The Post and its content partners. Social Reader stories reflect a user's Facebook profile, ...
Technology and Hair Care
It seems like every day there's a new advancement in hair care and treatment, but which ones work best and are worth the cost and effort? See what experts say about the latest options for your hair.
WebMD Health
Behind the Mask: Science, technology and fantasy | Massively
By Patrick Mackey
Last week, we only covered weapons technology, but there's a lot more to any fictional setting than just weapons. Everything from communications and transportation to food production is important to discuss, and while we can't touch on ...
Chelsea Clinton quizzes mom on technology, global issues – CNN ...
By cnnrs
New York (CNN) -- Chelsea Clinton, days after joining Facebook, upped her public profile Thursday by interviewing her mother, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, about technology, democracy, global health and other issues.
CNN Political Ticker
NanoInk Joins Illinois Science and Technology Coalition: Global
Home > Press > NanoInk Joins Illinois Science and Technology Coalition: Global Nanotechnology Leader Will Help Cultivate Economic Development for the State Including Resources for Research, Development, and Innovation ...
Nanotechnology Now Recent News
Facebook Launches New Features for Music, Movies, and More ...
By Anthony Ha
Following months of speculation, Facebook announced "a new class" of applications today at its F8 developer conference in San Francisco. The apps allow Facebook to make music, movies, and other media a more integral part of the social ...
Adweek : Technology
New Facebook Features: What you need to know | Technology ...
Read 'New Facebook Features: What you need to know' from our blog Technology News Blog on Yahoo! News. Today in a keynote address at Facebook's 2011 ...

Facebook updates its status: It wants to be an entertainment hub
Los Angeles Times
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg outlines a new look for the social-networking site and a media push. The moves come amid growing competition from Google, which in June launched rival social-networking service Google+. Facebook Chief Executive Mark...
Physicists Create Magnetic Invisibility Cloak
Wired News
By ScienceNow By Kate McAlpine, ScienceNOW The sneaky science of “cloaking” just keeps getting richer. Physicists and engineers had already demonstrated rudimentary invisibility cloaks that can hide objects from light, sound, and water waves....
Are the Feds Collecting Your Data? Apple, Dropbox Back Privacy Bill
PC Magazine
By Chloe Albanesius With many Americans leading an increasingly digital life, it's not surprising that the government is turning to things like cell phone and email records when conducting investigations. But what rights do we have when it comes to ...
Adobe Flash Player 11 Promises Security Improvements
Flash Player upgrade will add SSL and better crypto features, while Android version gets the ability to nuke Flash cookies. By Mathew J. Schwartz InformationWeek Adobe announced this week that it's putting the finishing touches on a new version of ...
Google Chief's Senate Testimony: 10 Lessons Learned About the Search Giant
News Analysis: Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt testified before a Senate antitrust subcommittee looking into the search giant's business practices. Schmidt had to provide carefully worded answers to some loaded questions. ...
"Faster than light" particles may be physics revolution
By Robert Evans GENEVA, Sept 23 (Reuters) - Leading scientists said on Friday the discovery of sub-atomic particles apparently traveling faster than light could force a major rethink of theories on the makeup of the cosmos if independently confirmed. ...
Some iPhone 5 panels have defect, report says
Taiwan-based manufacturing company Wintek is having some trouble with the iPhone 5 panels it is producing, a new report from DigiTimes claims. Citing sources, the tech news site reported today that Wintek is finding a "delayed bubble" defect in some of ...
Hair Shows Aborigine Ancestors Were First to Explore World
San Francisco Chronicle
Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Scientists are rewriting the history of human migration based on a 100-year-old hair sample. Genetic analysis by Danish researchers of curly, dark- colored locks indicates that Australian Aborigines are direct descendants of the ...
Blizzard pushes Diablo III to early 2012
Diablo fans will have to wait a little longer for Blizzard's long-in development sequel. Blizzard Entertainment announced in a brief press release this morning that its long-awaited PC role playing game, Diablo III, will not launch in the fourth ...
NASA Details the Next 25 Years of Space Exploration
NASA has just published the Global Exploration Roadmap, a document detailing the agency's plans for the next 25 years of space exploration. It's a must-read for anyone interested in the future of space technology, travel and exploration. ...
Google Product Search Overhauled With Boutiques.com Look
Google is shuttering Boutiques.com and taking the shopping comparison Website's functionality to make Google Product Search more lively. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is improving its Google Product Search, one of the Web services that starred in the Senate's ...
Can You See the Funky Chicken in This Nebula?
Fox News
By Jennifer Ouellette A new image from the European Southern Observatory shows the Running Chicken Nebula, a cloud of gas and newborn stars that lies 6500 light years from us in the constellation of Centaurus. The European Southern Observatory (ESO)...
First Xcom Dev Diary Sounds Vaguely Familiar
Escapist Magazine
Xcom is a first-person shooter but the new dev diary from 2K Games suggest that it might be a lot closer to the original X-Com games that we thought. In the minds of many fans, turning the great X-Com franchise into a first-person shooter is rather ...
Demon's Souls Servers Will Stay Active Into 2012
by Mike Rose [Console/PC, Business] Demon's Souls US publisher Atlus has announced that the life of the online servers for the PlayStation 3 game has been extended, and the servers will now be available into 2012. The online features in Demon's Souls ...
Clearwire Talks to AT&T, Verizon, and Others About Selling Capacity
By Phil Goldstein, FierceWireless, The Motley Fool Posted 10:45AM 09/23/11 Investing Clearwire (NAS: CLWR) CEO Erik Prusch said the company is talking with multiple wireless carriers about selling capacity on its 4G network, which may be a way for the ...
Windows Phone will beat Blackberry according to Verizon CEO
Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam has stated that he thinks Windows Phone will be beat Blackberry in the fight to become the third operating system in the smartphone realm. That's not saying much though with RIM and the Blackberry platform taking such a ...
Amazon and (hopefully) the end of late fees
Amazon this week launched a program to let Kindle users borrow digital books from 11000 US libraries. We've been nearing the end of the late-fees era for years -- and, thanks to technology, we're one step closer this week. ...
Ferrari offers Winter Driving Experience in Colorado
I would be willing to bet that any of the people that own high powered exotic cars like Ferraris aren't able to drive the cars to 50% of their potential on dry roads, much less in rain or on ice. Ferrari wants to be sure that its owners and enthusiasts ...
Brain scans let computer reconstruct movie scenes
Salt Lake Tribune
By MALCOLM RITTER AP Science Writer NEW YORK - It sounds like science fiction: While volunteers watched movie clips, a scanner watched their brains. And from their brain activity, a computer made rough reconstructions of what they viewed. ...
Giant squid carcasses invade Calif. coastline
CBS News
Calimari is on the menu: Hundreds of giant squid have been washing up on beaches in California's Orange County - or landing on the hooks of jubilent fishermen. (KCBS) Giant squid - some weighing as much as 20 pounds - have been washing up on beaches in ...
Texas Stampede supercomputer to join the eXtreme Digital (XD) program
(PhysOrg.com) -- As part of a National Science Foundation grant, the Texas Advanced Computing Center, or TACC, from the University of Texas at Austin announced its plans to develop and support a new supercomputer they are naming Stampede. ...

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