11 September 2011

Critic's Notebook: Apple's new campus will be a retrograde cocoon

Critic's Notebook: Apple's new campus will be a retrograde cocoon
Los Angeles Times
The proposed headquarters wraps its workers in a suburban setting, removing the feeling of a collective metropolitan realm. Apple Inc. has submitted a development proposal to replace existing office and research buildings to create its new Apple Campus ...
Video Game Sales Crash In August, NPD Group Reports [NPD Finds That Video Game ...
TFTS (blog)
The video game industry has been soft the past 16 months or so, with sales pretty much down across the board, save for a few standouts (the new Xbox 360 Slim, for example). The NPD Group has released their sales numbers for last month, and its more bad ...
On Your Side: Apps may not cure acne after all
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Aim your phone at your acne, bathe your blemishes with beams of lights and transform your complexion into a silky acne-free surface that even Mary Kay would envy. Seekers of smartphone applications claiming to cure acne will have to look elsewhere ...
Android app gives you free Web access via texting
Getting something for nothing is awfully hard to resist. If you have T-Mobile's unlimited messaging plan for your Android phone, the "something" is Web access and "for nothing" means no data plan required. Smozzy is an Android app that cleverly ...
Mitsubishi hikes Electric cars prices to $29125 and $31125
Northern Voices Online
Mitsubishi is among a handful of carmakers that produce reasonably good quality of electric cars. But now there are reports that prices of most of the electric versions of its cars are being hiked in United States. The company in a press release said ...
Facebook Launches Smart List
Top Tech Reviews
Facebook plays catch up with Google+ as it launches Smart Lists. But unlike Google's Circles, the new feature would automatically group the people in one's friends list into coworkers, school buddies and people who live within a 50 mile radius. ...
Is a White Version of Apple iPhone 5 on its Way?
International Business Times
By IBTimes Staff Reporter | September 11, 2011 10:28 AM EDT While Apple's next generation iPhone aka iPhone 5 is not yet officially announced, growing rumors are indicating an early October release. Along with the rumors, various questions are also...
Intel wants to be a global software leader
Doug Fisher, Corporate Vice President, General Manager of the Software and Services Group's Systems Software Division, Intel Corporation, was speaking at Intel's Software Media Day on Thursday in San Francisco. He said the company had a challenge to ...
Battlefield 3 “Operation Guillotine” Teaser Trailer
by Jonah Falcon September - 10 - 2011 DICE has released a 50 second video showing off Battlefield 3's “Operation Guillotine”, a joint operation mission set in Tehran to “capture key members of the PLR leadership.” Check out the visceral, ...
Google to Introduce Dart, a Web Programming Language
SDTimes.com (blog)
by JD Hildebrand 09/10/2011 12:03 PM EST The tech wizards at Google are on the verge of introducing a second programming language. Unlike the company's Go, a systems-level language, Dart will apparently be tailored to the needs of Web programming. ...
CBS News Ends Relationship With Source of Bogus Steve Jobs Death Tweet
Hollywood Reporter
It has removed all content associated with Shira Lazar's independently-produced web series "What's Trending" from its site. CBSNews.com has severed its relationship with the host of a web show who sent out an erroneous Tweet yesterday saying that Apple...
No more bad Apple iPad 2 screens, manufacturing malady remedied
Tablets Planet
The Apple iPad 2 ships with a very high-quality IPS display that's been a cause for much praise from buyers. Image: Apple When the Apple iPad 2 was released in March of this year millions of units were sold but inside those millions there were a few ...
Uncharted 3 TV Ad Searches For Arabian Treasure
Cinema Blend
This weekend Sony began their advertising campaign for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. The television ad, composed entirely of in-game footage, introduces the story. Treasure hunter Nathan Drake is trying to find a lost city of "immeasurable wealth" ...
Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 pre-order flanks No. 1 at Amazon
Punch Jump
By Marcus Lai On September 10, 2011 · In News, Retail, Systems, Xbox 360 Advanced sales for Microsoft Corp. and Epic Games Inc.'s Gears of War 3 for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 held as the top-selling game product this week at Amazon.com Inc. amid ...
From Dust DRM Removed By Ubisoft
Gaming Union
Ubisoft has just released a new patch for the PC version of their god-sim From Dust, which removes the very controversial internet-requiring DRM. The news comes via Steam, which published some patch notes. It means that the game will now be playable ...
Skyrim Getting Vampires
Platform Nation
In a recent interview, Todd Howard confirmed that in Skyrim you will be able to contract the disease of a vampire. You will contract this disease while wandering the many hills of Skyrim and will be faced with the choice to either stay mortal or turn ...
Microsoft reinvents flagship software — Windows 8 — for PCs and tablets
The Seattle Times
Windows 8 is the first Windows system designed from the beginning to run on both PCs and tablets. By Janet I. Tu CREATIONCENTER / AP Microsoft founder Bill Gates looks on as CEO Steve Ballmer speaks at a Windows Vista launch in New York. What is it? ...
Apple reopens iTunes Match beta to additional developers
Apple Insider
By AppleInsider Staff Apple has quietly opened up the beta for its iTunes Match service to a second batch of developers as the company readies it for launch this fall. The Cupertino, Calif., company initiated the beta for the "scan and match" music ...
NASA's smaller programs could be at risk
Los Angeles Times
Soaring costs of a new space telescope and the next rocket might doom many other worthy projects, analysts say. Cost of the planned James Webb Space Telescope, shown here in an artist's rendering, is rising so high that scientists worry it could ...
Duke Nukem Begins: What we want to see
Duke Nukem Forever is arguably a contender for most disappointing title of the decade. After receiving a flurry of less than average reviews, long-time fans of the series have once again been left with a sour taste in their mouths. ...
Accelerate Your Fun in Race Illegal: High Speed 3D – iPad Game Review
By Jillian | September 10, 2011 | No comment yet I've played a lot of racing games for the iPad, and some have been very good. None has contained the level of detail or the number of features found in Race Illegal: High Speed 3D. ...
Batman: Arkham City Free With Select Nvidia GTX Cards
Cinema Blend
Want one of the hottest upcoming games this fall, for free? Well, you can get your own copy of Batman: Arkham City without paying a dime simply by purchasing a select EVGA Nvidia GTX card today. Many of the GTX 5xx series cards are currently on sale as ...
Amazing photographic animation of Cassini's Saturn flyby
by Sean McLachlan (RSS feed) on Sep 10th 2011 at 12:00PM The Cassini unmanned probe to Saturn has been a resounding success. A joint project between NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Italian Space Agency, it's been studying the ringed planet ...
Pennies from heaven
Toronto Star
Katherine Dunnell, a ROM technician, inspects a slice of meteorite. British researchers believe meteorites that hit the Earth 4 billion years ago peppered the planet with precious metals. Talk about a “gold strike.” English researchers have evidence ...
NVIDIA's GPUDirect For Video Technology Loves That Parallel ...
Looking for some serious horsepower? NVIDIA's got you covered. The company just introduced GPUDirect for Video, a technology that enables application developers to deliver higher quality, more realistic on-air broadcoast graphics. Taking ...
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Are Technology Initiatives in Schools Paying Off? | Education News
While some districts are using technology to pair Shakespeare with Kanye West, critics point out that the data supporting many tech programs is thin.
Education News
9/11: Communications Technology 10 Years Later #Sept11 ...
By NYConvergence
Quantcast. Saturday September 10, 2011. NYConvergence.com. Digital Media Technology in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut Tri-State Area. 9/11: Communications Technology 10 Years Later #Sept11. September 10, 2011 at 1:02 pm ...
Which technology? Used how? — Joanne Jacobs
By Joanne
Does technology improve schools? That's asking the wrong question, writes Jonathan Schorr of NewSchools Venture Fund in response to last week's New York Times story, In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores. What kind of technology...
Joanne Jacobs
Green Energy Technology Taiwan | EndGlobalWarmingWi.Org
By admin
... the LED and solar energy industry as a major investment in support industries, Taiwan's leading LED technology, which had also been launched in China,” National Semiconductor Lighting Project “, in Xiamen, Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang, ...
School technology task force plans public meetings Monday ...
The Students Come First Technology Task Force will meet Monday and Tuesday at the Statehouse. The agenda includes presentations on the state's purchasing process at 8:40 a.m. Monday and the results of a task force survey on ...
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Is Information Technology Consulting Really Needed? | Revista ...
By Kelly
Are you unfamiliar with the industry of world-wide-web, computers as well as every little thing that may be related to it? It's not necessary to worry when...
Revista Contingentia
New EvoFIT technology offers faster way to beat crime!
By Geeta
A new generation of computer technology is revolutionising crime fighting by creating startlingly accurate pictures of wanted criminals.The latest police.
Hamara News
Luna's technology task force to meet in Boise | The Associated Press ...
By The Associated Press
A task force created to help implement public schools chief Tom Luna's plan to increase technology in the classroom will convene Monday and Tuesday in Boise. The meeting will include discussion of a survey on Idaho's plan to phase in ...
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Digital Technology Coming to Hospitals | Sarcoidosis Research
By admin
With the changes in the population in hospitals you will continue to see a rift in the way healthcare is treated. However, one thing that technology has done to hospitals is that it has helped to streamline the way patients are managed when they ...
Sarcoidosis Research
Kaunas University of Technology - Virtual Globetrotting
Description: The Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is one of the largest technical universities in the Baltic States. More Info: en.wikipedia.org. Location: Kaunas, Lithuania (LT) @ 54.89875446, 23.91282141. Views: 5. Views by date ...
Virtual Globetrotting: Latest Maps

Tribute to Terrorism Victims on Mars
Astrobiology Magazine
In September 2001, Honeybee Robotics employees in lower Manhattan were building a pair of tools for grinding weathered rinds off rocks on Mars, so that scientific instruments on NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity could inspect the ...

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