06 April 2015

Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Online Streaming

Netflix, Amazon and Hulu - "... .After years of waging an assault on the traditional television business, these companies now must defend their turf on the battleground of the future, Internet streaming. HBO, Apple, Sony, Dish and other companies that were once challenged by services like Netflix have stormed onto the field in recent weeks, making a splash with new streaming offerings and bold pronouncements on reinventing the way people watch and pay for television. Those advances have raised the stakes for Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, which not only invented the category but also induced a wave of TV fans to watch their favorite programs without paying for a cable or satellite subscription. Now, new competition is forcing those companies to invest even more in exclusive, original productions, innovate their technologies, explore new partnerships and ramp up their marketing...." read more at Netflix, Amazon and Hulu No Longer Find Themselves Upstarts in Online Streaming - NYTimes.com

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