28 April 2015

Android for Work, Android Devices, Data Protection, App Security

Android for Work brings together OEMs, Enterprise mobility management and Developers so organizations can make the most of the world’s #1 mobile operating system. This video covers the benefits for developers and what you should look out for.

Android for Work--Keep business apps and data separate and safe: 
  • Separation Business data lives in a dedicated Work Profile separate from personal apps and data. 
  • Data Protection Business data is encrypted and can be remotely wiped with additional VPN support for the work profile. 
  • App Security Apps are approved, configured and deployed by IT and distributed by Google Play for Work."
Google makes Android for Work available on nearly all Android devices - FierceMobileIT: "...The way the app works is simple: Employees who prefer to use their personal Android devices can create "Work Profiles," separate containers on a singular device, through the app. That separation works like any container technology, allowing IT to push and remove corporate data and enterprise apps, while giving users the peace of mind that their personal data is undisclosed...."

more info: Android for Workhttps://www.android.com/intl/en_us/work/ and

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