04 November 2011

US Report Warns of Russia, China Cyber Spying

US Report Warns of Russia, China Cyber Spying
By Jeremy Kirk, IDG News The US can expect more aggressive efforts from countries such as Russia and China to collect information through cyber espionage in areas such as pharmaceuticals, defense and manufacturing, according to a new government report ...
What needs fixing with Google Reader redesign
by Stephen Shankland November 3, 2011 8:02 AM PDT Follow @stshank You know something went wrong with your Web site's redesign when two people who used to work on it publish detailed, scathing assessments. Google Reader, revamped this week, ...
Huge Crack Discovered in Antarctic Glacier
Fox News
By OurAmazingPlanet In October, 2011, NASA's Operation IceBridge discovered a major rift in the Pine Island Glacier in western Antarctica. A huge, emerging crack has been discovered in one of Antarctica's glaciers, with a NASA plane mission providing ...
HP Slate 2 Tablet PC Offers Windows at a Touch
HP's Slate 2 Tablet PC, aimed at a more business market, runs Windows 7. HP's tablet strategy now fully embraces Windows, including the upcoming Windows 8. Hewlett-Packard may have abandoned its webOS-powered TouchPad, but it remains committed to ...
Anonymous collects, publishes IP addresses of alleged pedophiles
Ars Technica
By Sean Gallagher | Published November 3, 2011 10:10 AM Following up on its takedown of a Tor-based child pornography host, a group within the Anonymous “hacktivist” group has published the Internet addresses of 190 alleged pedophiles. ...
The sods must be crazy: OLPC to drop tablets from helicopters to isolated villages
Ars Technica
By Ryan Paul | Published November 3, 2011 8:04 AM The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project has devised a bizarre plan for deploying its new XO-3 tablet. The organization plans to drop the touchscreen computers from helicopters near remote villages in ...
Hands On With the Redesigned Gmail
PC Magazine
By Michael Muchmore Gmail has long looked like little more than a spreadsheet showing your email in a grid of names, subjects, dates, and so on. I'm amazed how it's maintained its cachet, while competitors like Hotmail have made great strides in ...
Euclid pulls in $5.8M to deliver Google Analytics-style metrics to physical stores
Many online retailers use Google Analytics to track traffic to their site, but what if real-world retailers could access the same data about traffic to their stores? The technology exists in Euclid Elements, which announced a $5.8 million first round ...
Regulators may approve AT&T merger with T-Mobile after all
By Tim Conneally On Wednesday, the District Court of Washington DC issued its ruling on antitrust complaints from Sprint and Cellular South about the proposed merger of wireless carriers AT&T and T-Mobile. Most of the complaints were thrown out. ...
NY man suing Facebook told to return to US
Wall Street Journal
AP BUFFALO, NY — A New York man who's been staying in Ireland while his lawsuit claiming half ownership of Facebook is argued has been told to come home. The Buffalo News (http://bit.ly/w0Wkeo ) reports that a federal judge ordered Paul Ceglia ...
The future of digital payments: Square Card Case, Google Wallet, and more
Square's Card Case promises to let businesses regular customers pay just by having their smartphone in their pocket, then giving their name as they walk out the door. The idea of a mobile wallet has been touted as the next big thing for years now, ...
Report: If you're under 45, you probably own a smartphone
By Athima Chansanchai If you're under the age of 45, you might have noticed that your peers seem to be gravitating toward more smartphones, a trend that Nielsen says is most prominent for mobile subscribers ages 25 to 34. Nielsen's findings for the ...
Jawbone's new Up health wristband is equal parts cool and creepy
Bluetooth headset maker Jawbone will soon release its new Up life monitoring wristband that's designed to help you live a move healthy life by tracking every move you make, what you're eating, how long you're sleeping and how many calories you burn. ...
Yahoo Livestand: All dressed up and no place to go
By Darrell Etherington Nov. 3, 2011, 8:41am PT No Comments On Wednesday, Yahoo released its Livestand app, a personalized news service available for the iPad that was first announced in February. It combines aspects of apps like Flipboard and Zite with ...
Kinect Sports Season Two: Safe, Family Fun
Cinema Blend
The notion of a basic sports package for a console with motion based technology is nothing new. Wii Sports revolutionized casual gaming and Kinect Sports Season One, noted mostly as simply Microsoft's response to Wii Sports, was fun enough, ...
Amazon's Flow Isn't What Everyone Thought It Was
Flow Powered by Amazon (Free) by A9 Innovations, LLC is not in competition with Apple's iCloud service like most purported. It's an augmented reality shopping experience that allows you to discover the world around you, one product at a time. ...
NASA says we've been looking for Martian life in all the wrong places
Don't worry—if we do find evidence of Martians, it will still be on Mars, we'll probably just have to dig a little deeper to find it. A new NASA study has concluded that if life ever thrived on the Red Planet, it probably did so underground, ...
Study: Climate change may be cause of Ice Age
The State Column
A new study released Thursday finds that the latest Ice Age may be linked with global climate change. A study published Thursday finds that humans may not have been the driving force behind the mass extinctions experienced during the Ice Age, ...
55 Percent of HDTV Shoppers Don't Want 3D
Electronic House
By Room By Location By Architecture By Style By Theme By Cost By Size There are more 3D TV options than ever. Does it really matter though? Consumers are still on the fence about the technology, according to a new study from Retrevo. ...
Will The Verizon Galaxy Nexus Be Available Beginning November 17th?
Android Police
The rumor mill is going nuts with release dates for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, and now we can add one more to the list. We already know that the European version of the device will be available on November 17th, and, according to an uncompleted internal ...
Telefonica Will Slash Range of Handsets in Pursuit of Vodafone's Strategy
The company's decision to narrow its range of handsets contrasts with the proliferation of devices in the fast-expanding smartphone and tablet market. The company's decision to narrow its range of handsets contrasts with the proliferation of devices in ...
Devon cave holds clues to 'earliest Europeans'
BBC News
A piece of jawbone excavated from a prehistoric cave in England is the earliest evidence for modern humans in north-west Europe, according to an international science team. New dating of the bone, which shows that it is between 44000 and 41000 years ...
Ubisoft acquires 'Trials HD' studio RedLynx
USA Today (blog)
By Brett Molina, USA TODAY Publisher Ubisoft announced it has acquired the studio behind Xbox Live Arcade hit Trials HD. RedLynx was founded in 2000 and focuses primarily on digital titles. Along with the Trials franchise -- which has sold 2 million ...
Microsoft envisions the near future in technology and interaction
By Nathan Yau
In a follow-up to last year's visions of the future, Microsoft imagines interacting with data and information in 2020. It is the land of big displays, linked devices, and projections in the real world. It's mostly from a productivity standpoint, but there's ...
China Technology Surges Forward with Spectacular First Docking in ...
By Ken Kremer
Caption: Video of Shenzhou-8 and Tiangong-1 docking in Earth orbit. Photos below. Credit: CMSE China's technological capabilities took a major surge forward with the successful docking in space today for the first time ever of two Chinese ...
Universe Today
John Nack on Adobe : Amazing 3D map technology
By John Nack
November 02, 2011. Amazing 3D map technology. These are the days of miracles & wonder: The technology is said to have been purchased by Apple. Check out 9to5 Mac for more details. [Via]. Posted by John Nack at 3:20 PM on November ...
Adobe Blogs
7 early videos of now-everyday technology | MNN - Mother Nature ...
By Shea Gunther
It's easy to forget that just a handful of years ago most people didn't have a cellphone, never mind one that's better termed a handheld computer. No one had laptops when I was in college (graduated high school in '96) and few people had ...
All MNN Content
NewsDaily: U.S. official defends science-technology exchanges with ...
President Barack Obama's top science official said U.S.-China science cooperation benefits the United States, rejecting moves to curb the exchanges by lawmakers who say it strengthens China's military.
NewsDaily: Science Headlines
GTA 5 trailer: Rockstar unveils its Hollywood dream | Technology ...
By Keith Stuart
Keith Stuart: GTA V looks to be set in and around the Hollywood-style Vinewood area, with a reformed crook as its anti-hero.
Technology: Games blog | guardian.co.uk
Cequel Data Centers Acquires Web Host Perimeter Technology ...
Cequel Data Centers Acquires Web Host Perimeter Technology | The Web Host Industry Review - Web Hosting News.
theWHIR.com - Daily Web Hosting News
Technology Adds Spark to Science Education | MindShift
By Tina Barseghian
In this video, produced by KQED Education in conjunction with Northwestern University's iLab, which helped organize the Conference on Cyberlearning Tools for STEM Education, we see how technologyadds the fuel and fire to science and ...
Enzyme and Microbial Technology - Elsevier
Enzyme and Microbial Technology is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishing original research and reviews, of biotechnological...
iPhone 4S battery life problems: bug in location services suspected ...
Charles Arthur: User tests suggest that bug in iOS 5 may be polling mobile mast data too frequently and running down battery.

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