04 November 2011

Google+YouTube; Google Cable TV? Canon Cinema EOS; Apple takes more than half of all mobile handset OEMs profits

Apple Takes Half; Nokia Relegated
Apple earns more than half of all industry profits among mobile handset OEMs according to a monthly analysis of the market by Canaccord Genuity technology analyst Michael Walkley. “Apple generated a remarkable 52% of handset industry operating profits ...
Canon Tackles Pro Filmmaking With $20000 EOS C300
PC Magazine
By Jim Fisher Canon threw its hat into the pro filmmaking ring last night, announcing the new Cinema EOS camera system. It was only a matter of time before the company made a move like this—it has long been a major player in the consumer and prosumer ...
Google+ now connects with YouTube, Chrome
by Lance Whitney November 4, 2011 8:20 AM PDT Follow @lancewhit Google+ now connects directly with YouTube to let you view and share your favorite videos. Google's social network is now socializing with YouTube and Chrome by integrating directly with ...
Google Will Be Your Next Cable Provider (Report)
By Lucas Shaw at TheWrap Not content with being the worldwide leader in search, Google may now become a cable-TV service provider as well, according to the Wall Street Journal. The company has already announced a project to launch a high-speed Internet ...

For Apple, $7.1B should keep supply chain humming
by Lance Whitney November 4, 2011 6:08 AM PDT Follow @lancewhit Apple's tight control of the supply chain has been one of its competitive strengths. And that control should get even tighter next year as the company plans to double its current level of spending ...
Apple: Amazon's Kindle Fire Is a Good Thing
By Ben Camm-Jones, macworld.co.uk Apple bosses are taking a positive view of the newest entrant to the tablet PC market, rather than feeling challenged by it, according to a report. Business Insider reports that Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes met with ...
Hubble Spots Disk Around Distant Black Hole
Wired News
By Adam Mann Using the Hubble space telescope, astronomers have captured a direct image of the disk surrounding a black hole. The disk is made of gas and dust, slowly being consumed as it spirals down into the black hole's center. As it falls in, ...
Like Google's 'Do a Barrel Roll'? You'll Love These Other Easter Eggs
PC Magazine
By Sara Yin By now you've probably been charmed for a couple seconds by Google's latest coding stunt, which you can see by typing "do a barrel roll" in Google's search box. You can also perform the same spinning motion when you do a Google search for ...
Largest Sunspot in Years
Fox News
By Clara Moskowitz Nov. 3, 2011: The gigantic sunspot in the upper left of this image is about 50000 miles (80000 km) long and was observed on the sun by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. One of the largest sunspots in years has appeared on the sun,...
The Siri outage reveals its failure
By Joe Wilcox That's my response to the question "Does the Siri outage reveal its success?" posed by Darrell Etherington at GigaOM today. Etherington's post will be one of many Apple apologies that you'll read, following Siri's collapse yesterday. ...
Apple unveils beautiful revamped 5th Ave NY store with new glass cube (photos)
Apple unveiled its long-under-construction New York flagship Store on 5th Avenue on Friday, and like a redesigned iPhone, it looks similar to the previous model but has its own charms. Back in June, Apple began renovating the well-known location at an ...
Nintendo patent outlines Wii Remote touchpad accessory
I like it when patents surface from places like Apple, Nintendo and others that show off what we will probably see in the future from the country. The latest patent to surface is from Nintendo and it shows an accessory that appears to show a way to ...
Game makers say Apple, Steve Jobs have most influence on industry
Apple Insider
By Katie Marsal A new survey of people working in the gaming world has found that Steve Jobs is the most influential person in the industry, and that insiders believe the iPhone is shaping the future of videogames. The survey of 1000 people working in ...
Battlefield 3 Review (Multi-platform)
Paste Magazine
Start with this: the typical round of Battlefield 3 will contain enough breathtaking moments to keep your adrenaline pumping for a week. The game promises large-scale multiplayer warfare, and it delivers in spades. You will engage in thunderous tank ...
This is the Pretty Facebook Game from People Who Made Age of Empires and Halo Wars
Once. Twice. Three times. The folks at Zynga kept telling me the same thing, because they want me to know it. And they want you to know it: The next big game from Zynga, the one that follows FarmVille, FrontierVille, and CityVille has been created by ...
'Rainbow Six: Patriots' Announced, Due Out 2013
Why do all these game companies keep announcing games scheduled for release after 2012? Are they trying to pretend that the Macarena won't rise from its celestial prison, as the prophecy dictates, and devour the pitiful dregs of biology we call the ...
Samsung Focus S (AT&T)
CNET (blog)
The HTC Titan is one of three new Windows Phone Mango devices headed to AT&T this fall. Today, AT&T announced plans to bring three new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango devices to its lineup this fall, the HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S, and Samsung Focus Flash. ...
Microsoft Gifts iOS, Android Users New Bing App
Microsoft, in an announcement, unveiled its application which will let Android phone users and Apple user enjoy access to its Bing search engine. This will be exposing the search technology of Redmond to a better and bigger audience but at the same ...
Square Enix's Winter of RPGs Campaign Starts Next Week
PlayStation LifeStyle
Many months ago, the ESRB teased us all by rating some classic Square Enix RPGs from such as Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, and Chrono Cross. Fans wait every Tuesday to see whether these games make the store update. Many weeks have passed, ...
Next Alan Wake coming to XBLA, won't be “Alan Wake 2″
Warp Zoned
With the announcement that “the next Alan Wake” game would make an appearance at the 2011 Spike TV Video Game Awards, gamers got quite excited that they'd get a glimpse at Alan Wake 2. It looks like that won't be the case as Remedy has revealed the ...
U.S. says China, Russia cyber spying
A cyber security analyst works in a watch and warning center at a Department of Homeland Security cyber security defense lab at the Idaho National Laboratory, September 30, 2011, in Idaho Falls, Idaho. BEIJING (Reuters) - China on Friday dismissed a US ...
Assassin's Creed Revelations trailers show multiplayer murder
PC Gamer Magazine
Assassin's Creed Revelation's multiplayer mode has its own context and ongoing plot line that will reveal itself between matches as you level up and become more powerful. You play as the baddies, Templar trainees looking to learn the arts of murder by ...
Heavy Rain: Director's Cut Revealed
by Colin Moriarty Heavy Rain is one of the most unique and beloved PlayStation 3 exclusives. From the minds at Quantic Dream, Heavy Rain tells the tale of a father put in the ultimate bind after his son is kidnapped by the dangerous Origami Killer. ...
New use for an old technology brings touch input to... almost ...
By Michael Gorman
Imagine, if you will, a world where everything from the clothes on your back to the glass in your hand was a touch-enabled device. We're.
These European Countries Are Working Hard To Develop ...
By Nick Jardine
A look at the European countries that are promoting technology in poorer nations.
Sneak peek: Adobe image recognition technology - Adobe Blogs
By John Nack
Sneak peek: Adobe image recognition technology. Researcher Jon Brandt demos a potential new feature for searching through a large library of images by identifying images that contain the same people, backgrounds, landmarks, etc.: ...
Adobe Blogs
Small Businesses Lead on Green Technology Innovation
Small businesses own 14% of all cleantech patents, and 32% of those for smart grid and solar.
SustainableBusiness.com General News
APL's Emerging Technology and Innovation ... - Nanotechnology Now
McCrary will focus on finding emerging and disruptive technologies developed at U.S. universities and other research institutions, and forming research partnerships that are important to maintaining APL's technological competitive edge. ...
Nanotechnology Now Recent News
5 ways technology improved my sleep - Boing Boing
By Xeni Jardin
Over at MyLifeScoop, I wrote a post about five ways I've used technology to improve my quality of sleep. Some are gadgets or apps to buy, but others don't involve purchasing anything, and one tip involves throwing away a gadget you ...
Boing Boing
Re-Upping on Design Technology | Metropolis POV | Metropolis ...
By George Shaw
We've chosen to “re-up” on design technology. In architect jargon: we're advancing the principals of our integrated approach through new design technologies and modes of delivery. (And as you may already suspect, we also just happen to ...
Metropolis POV | Metropolis Magazine
Google's Finest Easter Eggs - Technology - The Atlantic Wire
By John Hudson
The quirky developers over at Google headquarters are obsessed with implanting inside jokes or "Easter eggs" in a range of its free software, from Google Earth to Google search to Google Reader.
The Atlantic Wire
Ping! Zine » ZNet Technologies Wins The Deloitte Technology Fast ...
By Ping! Zine Editor
ZNet Technologies Pvt Ltd's CEO, Munesh Jadoun, credits best customer services, right pricing & updated products/services for the company's 193% revenue growth over the past three years. He said, “We are happy to be awarded with the ...
Ping! Zine

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